Topic   Teacher arrested for asking why superintendent was getting a raise

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....when the staff hasn't received one in years. This parish is not far from where I live. Jesus Christ.

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Read about it, but the video has been removed. I'll have to find it somewhere else.

In a related issue, a Dollar General manager was fired for asking questions on how another Dollar Generals attempt to unionize would affect her employees.

It's despicable, but not surprising considering what CEO Todd Vasos said in a Goldman Sachs retailing conference.

"As middle class continues to go away, unfortunately, to the lower end of the economic scale versus the higher end," he said, the economy will create more of the chain's "core customer."

"I think there's going to be more and more opportunities for us to get in and build more stores," Vasos added.

In an early December earnings call, Vasos was asked about how the company's core customer would be impacted by minimum wage increases in some states. "We feel good about where the consumer is right now," he said. "But as I always say, we work under the premise that she is always tight because her expenses continue to rise on the other side of expense -- excuse me, of her income rising."

Helping destroy the middle class, paying unlivable wages, and fighting unionization will create more lower class customers for Dollar General. It's a win/win.
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I saw the entire video and this is essentially asking the king a question he doesn't like and him telling the royal guard "off with her head!"

Topic   Teacher arrested for asking why superintendent was getting a raise