Topic   W: Vita games! For trade: N64 console, and SegaCD/Genesis games(AddedNewGames!)*

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* 14-Feb-2018(#1)
Have a N64 w/powercord, no a/v cord or controller. Comes with Bass fishing 64. Also have Pitfall Mayan adventure CiB (no foam), Ground Zero Texas CiB (no foam), Tomcat Alley CiB (no foam) for Sega CD. Also have Flashback in case, Jerry glanvilles pigskin footbrawl in case, and might and magic Gates to another world in case for Genesis.

Looking for any good vita games. I already own DQ builders, gravity rush digimon cyber sleuth, iconaclasts... Really want ffx remaster, mgs HD, steins gate, hotshot world invitational, and a lot of other games I can't think of. Any highly rated ones really.. just make an offer if interested, can upload pics later. Thanks.

UPDATE: Pitfall SegaCD, Ground Zero Texas (SegaCD) and Might and Magic Genesis are pending.

Still have: N64 w/power cord and Bass Hunter 64 (no a/v or controller)
Tomcat Alley (SegaCD) CiB no foam


Jerry Glanvilles Pigskin Footbrawl in case (this game goes for a lot more than I'd have expected)
Flashback in case
Afterburner 2 in case
Marble madness in case

Cart only:
Sonic 3D Blast
Toy Story
Around 10-15 sports titles, some in cases, some loose.

Also have:

Street Fighter 2. SNES loose
NBA Jam Snes loose

A pokewalker for Pokemon HG/SS. Dead battery. Slight scratches on screen

I am also interested in any Yakuza games for PS3.

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Would you consider checking my list? I am interested in a few of those games you have listed...

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I'm somewhat interested in Ys Origin. What games were you thinking?
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Do u have any vita game for trade by chance?
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The only physical games I own came bundled with my Vita, and are: Little Deviants (cart only) and Army Corps of Hell (CiB). If you were interested in either of those, I'd probably trade them for just about anything.

Other than that, all my games are digital, considering I live in a tiny town and the only way I can buy games is through PSN cards from the local rite-aid. Nearest GameStop is an hour or so away. I do greatly, greatly prefer physical though.

Topic   W: Vita games! For trade: N64 console, and SegaCD/Genesis games(AddedNewGames!)*