Game Trading Zone Rules

You Are Responsible

The Game Trading Zone is not responsible for any lost property resulting from bad trades or otherwise. All trades are conducted at your own risk.

No Pirating

Dealing in copies of copyrighted material without the permission of the owner of the copyright is illegal and GameTZ will not tolerate anyone who does it here. Trades are for original media, no copies. You cannot buy, sell, trade, offer, request, list, give away, or otherwise indicate that you are willing to trade for pirated items of any kind. You also may not direct people to pirated versions of software. Even if no one is making money off the pirated materials, it's against the rules to deal in them. If you are caught pirating or trying to pirate on the GameTZ, your account will be suspended immediately. If you see anyone else pirating, please Send a PM to bill.

No Loans

Starting in 2019, loans are no longer allowed at GameTZ.

No Porn

Pornography and Adult Material in any form is not allowed here. Discussing porn in the forums, on your user page, or entering a link to a site that deals with adult material is strictly forbidden.

One Account per Person

Creating or having more than one account is not allowed, and will result in the user being suspended from the site. If you're having trouble accessing your account, contact the .

No Spamming

Do not contact GameTZ members about matters that do not directly involve goods they have listed in their available or wanted lists. Do not send the same message to multiple people. Do not send chain letters. Spammers will be suspended.

More Information

There is a FAQ page as well. Plus, the Trader's Oath outlines key aspects of what it takes to be a trader here.