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Yet again I am receiving offers from users I have filtered. What is the point of this feature if not to block users from contacting you? I honestly could care less about a person's forum posts, what I want is for these users to not be able to send me offers, which circumvent private messages and render the "filter" moot.
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Is there any way to do a "This offer was auto-declined due to user being filtered" thing @bill ...
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Yea, and would be nice to know when PMs are too.

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Filters prevent you from seeing PMs (I think?) and forum topics/posts made by the person you have blocked, but they do not prevent offers. Just because you find someone annoying in the forums does not mean you necessarily do not want to trade with them.

I recommend telling the user as politely as possible hat you do not wish to trade with them, and to not send you any future offers.

If they continue to regularly send you offers after that, send a message to one of the mods and we will talk to them directly.

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I was paid to be here and say "I agree"
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When the user filter was implemented (a long time ago), it was for the forum. People at the time just didn't want to see posts by the user but otherwise would trade with them.

I understand this may not be what everyone wants, but changing it now would be problematic.

There are other reasons why filtering trade-related communications can be a problem. For example, if there's some problem that needs to be discussed.

Also, offer/trade messages happen in various ways. Someone can make a new offer, or add a new message to an existing offer or trade. Filtering gets complicated with all that as you may or may not want some or all of those filtered.

Generally, if you feel harassed by someone sending you an offer, you should let me know (via pm, no need to make it public). I can talk to them and deal with it. If that trader is harassing many people, the solution is not filters.

I think there is also a way for me to hard-code an offer block (like that auto-decline thing that was mentioned). I think I've used that in a few rare cases if that seems appropriate.

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