Topic   Links using {href} not working?

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* 28-Feb-2018(#1)
I must have missed something; for some reason using { h r e f } doesn't work for me any longer. I'm wondering if it has to do with HTTPS; for instance if I post an Amazon link:


It looks all funky. It works if I go through TinyURL though.

This is really weird. It's capturing the text after the link and apparently trying to parse it as such. Original message above was: Amazon link in a box, and then "It looks all funky..."

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* 1-Mar-2018(#2)
If you just want to post a link, no markup is needed. e.g.

...just works. The href tags are for cases where you want to control the text that shows for the link. e.g.

{href} gametz{href} = gametz have to give it some "link text" after the URL (which you didn't do in your first post).

But... (maybe this is your main issue)... Amazon links are special. The site tries to put the affiliate code on them, so it wraps them up in a redirect thing that may cause problems for href linking and additional confusion. So, it's best not to use href tags with amazon links. I think most people just post the link.

I could try to get href's to work, but I'm not sure it's possible give all the stuff going on.

Finally, there is markup for amazon links if you want something like href and clean-looking like. But, you need to know the amazon product code (also know as an ASIN). It is often fairly obvious, for example the ASIN for your link is: B00O15MXD2 (it's the last part on the and of your URL, often starts with a B). The markup is {asin}, so...

{asin}B00O15MXD2 zte phone{asin} = zte phone
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Ah that makes sense. Don't bother with href tags and Amazon; I'll just post their links directly. I just got so used to adding href that I tend to do that by default. Thanks for the explanation! yes

Topic   Links using {href} not working?