Topic   PS4 Camera - worth it?

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Is the PS4 camera worth it? I have Tearaway Unfolded but that's the only game I have that would use the camera (and microphone?). Are there other uses that I'm overlooking? I don't have PSVR, and I'm not a game streamer. I'm trying to decide if a camera is worth it ($40 in this case) or if I should use that money for something else.

If you have the camera, what do you use it for?

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Looks like a really small list if that is accurate.
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I'd say probably not worth it. I have the camera and when I'm not using it for a PSVR game I leave it sitting on the desk facing the wall. I recently played through Tearaway Unfolded a week or two ago and continued leaving it facing the wall during the whole playthrough. They mentioned there's an app you can use but I think it's more meant for someone else to use while they're watching you play. As far as the microphone, I only recall 2 sections where you were asked to use it and I let the game auto-generate a sound effect instead.

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There's absolutely no reason to get a camera except for PSVR.
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Thanks everyone, I decided not to buy the camera. Bought some games instead. cool smile

Topic   PS4 Camera - worth it?