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Hello! I have three 1st-edition Wii U games that I would like to trade for an Elgato. I'm tired of only being able to stream from my PS4 and/or record old-school stuff on my computer.

The following games I am offering up for trade are:
1) The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Wii U - BRAND NEW, unopened, 1st edition.
2) Pokken Tournament - Wii U - BRAND NEW, unopened, 1st edition; includes Shadow Mewtoe amiibo card.
3) Star Fox Zero - Wii U - BRAND NEW, unopened, 1st edition; also includes Star Fox Guard.

I'm honestly hoping to make a local trade because I have no money. If we do a shipping trade, I unfortunately will need you to generate a prepaid shipping label for me, as I literally have no money even to pay for shipping. I can take care of the packaging, and I am a former FedEx Office Pack & Ship expert, even featured on 20/20 a few years ago for my packaging skills (no joke; search for "Journey of a FedEx Package" on youtube), so I won't mess around with the packaging.

I'm hoping to get an elgato that is either compatible with PS3, or at least one that works with available work-arounds to get around the HTPC crap.

Please, as I am new and will have to send first, only reputable traders.

Thank you for your time!

Edit: Please see this tweet for a photo of the items I am offering here: https://twitter.com/DanaLovesVidya/status/92523824...

Topic   WTTF: A working Elgato