Specific Ratings

Learning CurveD
Replay ValueD+

Pros and Cons

  • Three playable characters in story mode.
  • Bumpin' soundtrack.
  • Crunk Juice poster with Lil Jon on it.
  • Multiplayer is better than story mode.
  • Up to 16 can play at a time.
  • Short story mode.
  • Need 1 Xbox per character, 16 Xboxes for 16.
  • Aiming is little hard to use.
  • Limited in weapon use.
  • Police don't care about citizen hostages.

25 to Life (Xbox)

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25 to Life looked like a good game, but after playing it you change your mind greatly. The game sucks! There are three characters in the story mode you play as, a drug-dealer, a cop, and a leader of a gang. Each character story is shortm hence short game.



This game is not what it actually was supposed to be, the next big shooter. In the game's story mode you play as three main characters, a drug-dealer, a cop, and a gang leader. Even though each character has their own portion of the story mode, each is very short. With each character you will have a partner. If the person is killed once then you're on your own. Try to fight around 30 cops by yourself with your ammo supply decreasing fast. You need to kill a cop to get his gun for the ammo. You can't take your sweet time though, if you're not quick your ass will get shot. The aiming system in the game is a pain in the ass also. Don't get me started on the frustration with aiming. And all these difficulties make the game frustrating. I played on Normal difficulty....try Hard or OMFG!

Bottomline: Terrible game. Receiving a 3 out of 10. That's only because of the Crunk Juice poster with Lil John on it in the game. Also capturing citizens as human shields is kinda fun, even thought the cops seem careless with their lives. Game had too much hype. Its a shame.

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