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Learning CurveA
Replay ValueA+

Pros and Cons

  • Great gameplay as compared to similar games
  • Decent resale value
  • Great graphics for 16-bit game
  • Hard to find
  • Costly to buy when you do find it
  • Somewhat repetitious
  • Some slowdowns during more hectic gameplay

Aero Fighters (Super Nintendo)

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Aero Fighters is a great top-view shooter with great graphics and hordes of enemies.


Aero Fighters makes me wonder just how far the Super Nintendo could haven been taken with a developer who knows what they are doing. It stretches the boundaries of the platform to the fullest with great graphics in a game with some of the best game play for its genre.

While this game is similar in style to Phalanx and R-Type, it is evident that they are not all equal. The two-dimensional graphics are on par with any game produced by Nintendo (e.g. Mario World and Zelda). The backgrounds are rendered well displaying different regions of the world and the planes that you pilot are detailed well.

You can choose from four different planes, each with distinctive pilots and each with their own special super move. There is a two-player option and even if both players choose the same plane, you both get a unique pilot. Each plane has unique gunfire which is amplified each time that you pick up a power-up.

You may choose from American, British, German, and Japanese planes, but depending on which plane you choose, you may start at a different stage. It doesn't really matter though, as your journey will take you through every stage as you advance through the game. Each stage has a harder Boss than the last, which requires use of your special move. Thankfully, you are supplied with plenty of lives and plenty of continues.

Levels get crazy with battalions of ground tanks, armadas of battleships, and squadrons of planes all attacking you. You can rack up the points, collect money, dodge a barrage of enemy fire, and return fire to beat each level in this game. In terms of gameplay, furious D-pad skills are required and that is what makes this game a personal favorite of mine. Fortunately, the game is responsive and quick. While game play can become repetitious, you must become better as you advance in order to maneuver through enemy fire as it grows through each stage.

There is not much to criticize about this game except that there are so many enemies attacking you at the same time that the game experiences slow down during a few of its levels.

All in all, this is a solid top-view shooter that is a must for fans of the genre and recommended to fans of the Super Nintendo.

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