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Replay ValueD-
Learning CurveA

Pros and Cons

  • Game looks gorgeous
  • Comes with two amiibo
  • Can find VERY cheap
  • Very boring
  • Nearly no gameplay
  • Amiibo are required

Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival (Nintendo Wii U)

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Mario Party without the party!



Have you ever been playing Mario Party and thought to yourself, "Man I love this game, but the minigames are lame. I wish there were a version of Mario Party where the outcomes are decided randomly and not by a minigame?" Well then, Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival is for you!

The game itself is pretty tedious. Every time you want to roll the dice, you must tap an Amiibo to the Gamepad. Every. Single. Time. The dice rolls determine everything; there is very little strategy involved in playing the game. Every week you can buy turnips, and then sell them for a higher price later depending on the random dice rolls. The things that could have been turned into good minigames were instead just spaces on the gameboard. Take the fishing tourney, for example. In the fishing tourney, you roll the dice and land on a space with either a fishing rod, a silver rod, or a golden rod, and that determines what kind of fish you catch. In the main Animal Crossing series, fishing is done by throwing your line out into the river, ocean, or pond when you see a fish silhouette. This could easily be turned into a minigame. Heck, even the fishing game from Wii Play with an animal crossing skin would've been nice.

I picked my copy up for 10 dollars with the Amiibo bundle. Ten dollars that could've been spent on an actual good game. This is the worst Animal Crossing game I have ever played. Animal Crossing Calculator was better than this!

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