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Pros and Cons

  • Amazing Graphics For The Xbox
  • Cool "Hot-Swap" Option
  • Long Single Player Action
  • Large Battlefield and Access To Awesome Vehicles
  • Includes 2 Months of Xbox Live
  • 24 Person Online Multiplayer Capability
  • Only Access to 1 Player Per Xbox
  • Lack of Multiplayer Maps
  • Only 2 Online Gaming Options -Conquest / CTF
  • Voiceovers / Music Can Become Annoying

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat (Xbox)

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The first BattleField game to hit console gaming, making a large impact.



Many previews of this game might have told you that it would not rise to its full potential, and wouldn't compare to the other Battlefield games. Well, in my opinion they were wrong. Battlefield 2: Modern Combat gives players a different visual of BF games in several good ways. I didn't feel the need to spend hundreds of dollars on an Xbox 360 because of games like this, and It's bound to keep me entertained over a long period of time. smile

Graphics - Awesome / Sharp graphics that could compare to any top of the line Xbox game out there. Your landscape, characters, vehicles, buildings... everything that surrounds you is well detailed. Cut scenes in Single Player that show up in and out of several missions look great, as do the online themes.

Game Play - Amazing. This game varies from the other Battlefield games, giving you the feel that you're sucked into the action. Unlike other BF games (BF 1942 / Vietnam), there is always action. No need to walk several thousand feet to meet up with a group of enemies for a large battle. Whether it's a dog fight in the sky, sinking submarines underneath the surface, or if you're on foot, be prepared to cock and reload! wink Other positives to the game include being able to switch your difficulty of the overall campaigns, or switch from easy to expert handling of vehicles such as the choppers for a challenge. Online capability will push you to keep playing this game. It's outstanding. With up to 24 people on one game, and large maps with plenty of vehicles, it is truly great for any Xbox Live gamer. Online play consists of Capture the Flag and conquest, with a shortage of multiplayer maps. Whether you plan on playing this game on or offline, it's a great selection with plenty of Single Player missions.

Sounds - Sounds of this game are generally good. While playing the music makes you feel as though you're there, it may become somewhat annoying. Luckily there IS an option to take it off wink

Character's voices match the peoples daily accents fairly well in most occasions, and the sounds of the guns, missiles, vehicles, and explosions is simply amazing. All of these sound true and life-like.

Overall, whether you're a war gaming fan, or just a FPS nut, this game is a great choice. It combines both action and enjoyment as you travel across the Middle East and Asia on your quest for victory.

After telling many of my friends about this game, they would respond, "Oh Yeah, Battlefront 2 looks sweet, with the capability of using Jedis," unaware that I was describing Battlefield 2. Well after giving it a shot, many of my friends absolutely loved it , and have bought it at the local EB.

No regrets for buying BF2 MC Here grin

Hope y'all enjoyed my first review.

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