Pros and Cons

  • 21 Songs
  • It's Kiss!
  • Great place for beginners to start
  • This is the 5th greatest hits album of theirs!
  • Not much in the liner notes
  • Some songs just aren't "great"
  • Poor song lineup

The Very Best of Kiss (Kiss)

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A few good songs, a few not so good, but hasn't this been done before?



Although I'm one of the biggest Kiss fans you'll ever meet, I was really let down by this CD. As stated in the Pros and Cons, this is their FIFTH greatest hits album! (And they released ANOTHER one after this!). Although better than the followup greatest hits CD "The Best Of KISS: 20th Century Masters Millenium Collection", which is a shortened version of this CD, it's still not saying much. It's extremely hard to sum up 30 years of great music into one 80 minute CD. If you truly want their greatest hits, pick up the Kiss Box Set, or better yet, just buy all of their CDs like I do!

Standout Tracks: Strutter, Deuce, Love Gun, Hotter Than Hell, Rock N Roll All Nite (Live)

Tracks that should've been Left Out: New York Groove, Forever, Lick It Up, I Want You, Christine Sixteen

All in all, it's a good album, especially for newcomers. But like I've stated above, it's not the true "very best of" this great New York Quartet of Rock and Roll.

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