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Learning CurveB
Replay ValueB+

Pros and Cons

  • Unique gameplay
  • Highly addictive
  • Great boardgame-type game
  • Excellent entertainment value!
  • Generic graphics
  • Generic sound

Board Game: Top Shop (PlayStation)

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This game takes Monopoly to the next level. Very original gameplay makes up for the generic graphics. Highly recommended for people who enjoy board games! All this combined with the cheap price means you should grab this game when it comes around!


Top Shop is one great cheap game! This game is one of those $10 new release games, but this one is worth a good look. This game is similar to Monopoly, but better. The idea is that you are a store owner in a mall who must buy up spaces in the mall to expand your store. You can also buy other stores as the come up for sale or go out of business. The graphics are extremely simple, but the excellent gameplay more than makes up for it. Single player replay value is excellent and so is multiplayer. For around $10, I highly recommend this game. Do not pass it up, you might not be able to find it again!

Top Shop is a 1-6 player vertical board game where players compete to buy new shops or upgrade the shops the already own. The game has more the forty different types of business including restaurants, toy stores, clothes shops and others. Owners must set up deliveries, take stock, and earn enough money to buy out neighboring stores in order to expand their own shops. The idea of this game is simple: "The more you own, the more you sell. The more you sell, the more likely you'll own the TOP SHOP!"

Graphics: 6 out of 10
Although the graphics are very basic, the do not take away from the game. There is not much you can do with a board-type game, so do not expect much.

Sound: 6 out of 10
See Graphics. Same deal here. The sound is very basic but it is nothing too bad that it will stop you from enjoying this game.

Gameplay: 9 out of 10
From the first time I loaded this game up it was a very pleasant surprise. The gameplay is by far the main reason to buy this game. If you are looking for an original game to enjoy that plays along the lines as the boardgames like "Life" and "Monopoly", this is the game for you! I liked it much better than the versions of playstation's "Life" and "Monopoly".

Replay Value: 9 out of 10
This is one of those PSOne games that you will keep forever. You will definately get your $10 out of it in replay value. This is a game that should be on everyone's "must have list"!

Overall Score: 9 out of 10
Because I did not expect a board type game to look or sound the best I did not subtract those factors from the final overall score. Even if I did, this game would still be a very strong 8!


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