Pros and Cons

  • Different styles of songs to choose from
  • Excellent guitar/piano riffs
  • Alice in Chain's spooky sound
  • Some great mood changers
  • Great voice
  • Great guitar work
  • Voice doesn't always come in as strong as songs do

Boggy Depot (Jerry Cantrell)

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Alice in Chain's songwriter, founder, vocalist, and guitarist in his first solo CD, that 90s fans will love


In 1998, Jerry Cantrell, of Alice in Chains, released his first solo album. He uses that sound he primarily created. The album has a very dark, moodly feel to it, as well as the 90s grundgy-sound. He hit the spot for me with Boggy Depot. (AIC Is coming back!)

The songs:

Dickeye: Rock song with a great melody and a great chorus that you'll love

Cut You In: This was the song that got he caught on the solos Cantrell. It has a simple guitar intro and is a simple song overall.

My Song: Awesome guitar work here. I listened to this one over and over again and, my guess is, you'll do the same. This one amazed me when I first heard it.

Settling Down: Cantrell on piano. A very calm, relaxing song. Les Claypool from Primus on bass plays a part in the backround that I can't get enough of. I love it - great song.

Breaks My Back: The vocals are oddly done, and I like how different and spooky they sound, but I just don't like listening to them that much. Good melody, though.

Jesus Hands: One of my favorite songs on the CD. Spooky intro and spooky verses. Awesome refrain, with an awesome backround vibrato by Cantrell.

Devil By His Side: I'm not a big fan of the intro, but once it gets to the verse, you'll love it.

Keep The Light On: This is a heavier song. Cantrell uses a little more power in his voice on this one. Guitar work is pretty typical of Cantrell's aggressive bending.

Satisfy: A slower song with gentle verses and peaceful guitar work. Kinda funky sounding refrain. This song sounds a little closer to country music, but still awesome.

Hurt Along Time: Probably my favorite song on the album. Gentle, soft, and sad song, with sad, but very meaningful lyrics. Cantrell is very good at writing the slow songs like this one. The refrain is great too.

Between: Leaning towards country, but still a great song. I love the refrain. It's an excellent example of how good Cantrell really is at writing.

Cold Piece: Long song that repeats over and over. The refrain, again, is my favorite part. The guitar on the refrain is addicting right away. I like the song, but sometimes I can't sit through the whole thing, but it's still a good song.

If you liked Alice In Chains, you will absolutely love this CD because its got the same sound (considering Cantrell wrote most of the Alice in Chains songs, with Staley helping and writing a few songs) except with Cantrell's vocals, and Cantrell's lyrics, which IMO aren't that bad at all. In fact, in a few songs, I liked them better than some of Staley's. I rented it a few times and then I got hooked on Cantrell and ordered it off Amazon. I take this CD with me whenever I go on trips and even listen to it when I am driving around town. This is perfect for any Soundgarden, Nirvana, Alice In Chains and any fan of 90s rock.

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