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Replay ValueA+
Learning CurveB+

Pros and Cons

  • Very nice graphics
  • Unique and interesting type of game
  • Very high replay value
  • Controllers will take some time to learn
  • Day to night quest some times annoys you
  • Some quest items is not clear how to acquire

Chibi Robo (GameCube)

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Cleaning with a small body will lead to great things with a big heart.



Chibi robo is an unknown little gem from Nintendo. It's about a robot finding his way in life and while in doing so make's new friends and finds his path in life. It is an exciting game to get into and I have yet to play any thing like this in my whole life of gaming. (Around 23 years or so) - I picked up a copy of this game expecting a mediocre adventure game at best. But was surprised to find out that it has exceeded my expectation and provided over 20+ hours of game play. I highly recommend this game to adventure enthusiast and action platform gamers alike. I'm sure you will have a blast just as I did with chibi robo.

Very nice indeed and with progressive scanning. The graphics on this game are very colorful and nicely detailed. Nintendo really took there time with this game. Every room in this game from the kitchen to the bedroom and the backyard is very heavily detailed and fine tuned to show very vibrant color in the game. The character models are also done well. Husband, wife, child, and robots looks just as you would imagining them to look and so does every other character model in the game, no blocky sprites here. I like games like these because they really show just what the game cube is able to do.

I'm not going to lie; the controls did take a while to get used to. For the most part, it was the camera. I always thought that it should have moved a lot faster than what it did. Like a quick turn or what not, sadly nothing like that was implemented in this game and you will have to move the "c" stick either left or right, hold it so that it can go all the way around you so that you can see what is going on in front of you. This is something that is really not good for 3D games as the way the camera is facing is always important, and having to do this over and over is a time waster to me when a quick turn would have made things a lot easier and less time consuming. This does not however ruin this game at all. The other buttons, action, and other select buttons perform very well.

A nice selection of tunes here. When I beat this game there were a couple of tunes that were still playing in my head. Melody's range from very upbeat dancing trance like music to some melo dramatic sad tones as well. Seems like there was a different melody for every occasion. From gaining a level, to finding a rare items that you have been looking for and seeking out for a long time. Also each and every character in this game seems to have there own background music as well which is a nice touch.

Replay value
This game have a lot of replay value due to the fact that every character in this game has quest that you can do for them, and I don't' mean 1 or 2. Each character gives you at the most 3 or more quest that you can do for them. Add to that all the mini games you can play, the house work that need to be done, exploring, planting, fixing, and you got yourself tons of replay value in a very lifelike and open world. Also when I beat the game. It did ask me if I wanted to save & after that it let me continue to play where I left off. So that means just because you beat the game, don’t think that you missed out on any thing as the games lets you finish what you started.

Game play
Nothing but fun and excitement here. Game play can range from a lot of different types and it's really all up to you how you choose to do it. A typical day can range from 1 or more of these things(cleaning,planting,questing,exploring,fixing,upgrading,helping,upsetting,feeding,etc) and really the list goes on. Time in this game goes from daylight to night and based on what item you equip your chibi robo with you can have any where from 5min to 15min to explore the day, and then the same amount of time to explore the night. Each time a day or night ends you will have to retire in your chibi house and rest up for a bit before continuing onwards.

I highly recommend this game to everybody and I guarantee that this game will be like nothing you have every played before. I would say rent it but sadly as of me writing this, "GameStop" has stop carrying game cube games (at least in my area they have) so the only way to get this game would be from a trading site, eBay, etc.... You will have 20+ hours of enjoyment and you can thank me later for the recommendation.

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