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Learning CurveA+
Replay ValueA+

Pros and Cons

  • Features boot camp for beginners
  • Choose between Germans or the Allies
  • Learning curve is about 30 minutes
  • Choose single battles or extensive campaigns
  • Not released for Playstation 2 or other systems
  • Online play is limited to people w/DSL or higher
  • No planes

Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far (PC)

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If you're looking for a computer game that is fun and simple, this is for you. It does not require a supercomputer to play this game, nor does it take a military strategist. It's so easy, anyone can enjoy it.


Imagine a game that packs all the punch of Medal of Honor, yet is not 3D, but is just as fun and more educational. This game is called Close Combat: A Bridge too Far. In Close Combat, you can fight as the Allies or the Germans in historically accurate battles and campaigns, defending or attacking strategic bridges and fields.

The game is played in an overhead view so you can scan with your eyes and see the entire battlefield. There are several modes in this game, including Boot Camp, Battles, and Campaigns. There is also a Battle-maker option where you can pick the number of troops and support, including tanks and artillery. You can also pick the objective locations.

In the Boot Camp mode, the computer takes you through certain scenarios including infantry tactics and armor tactics. It also provides tips on covering fire and smoke screens.

In the Battle mode, you can choose from dozens of historically accurate battlefields. You basically fight until all your troops are dead, or you or your enemy surrenders. It is a fun mode if you're just looking for something quick to pass the time.

The Campaign mode is a mode that will take several days to win, assuming you play for a couple hours a days. You may play the same battle a few times due to the fact that you fled the battle or the Germans have recaptured the area. This mode features historic videos in between major battles that give you the history of the battles.

There are many different squads you can choose from including heavy infantry, light infantry, mortar teams, anti-tank teams, machine gun teams, snipers, tanks, flak guns, artillery pieces, flamethrower, and much more.

All in all, this is an excellent war game that is more fun than Medal of Honor, but with less graphical power. You can play it for hours on end and never get tired of it. It is the best computer game I have ever played.

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