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Pros and Cons

  • Feels almost exactly like a Microsoft controller
  • Retails less then an original Microsoft controller
  • Glow effect (Switch that controls when to glow)
  • Very good build quality
  • Extremely long cord
  • Glow effect is a second off
  • Pain in the butt to install driver onto PC
  • Uses the same adapter that the original uses
  • A little smaller (personal preference)
  • Sticks don't feel as good as an original

Controller -- Afterglow AX.1 (Xbox 360)

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Extremely cool controller thats almost exactly like the original!



What it is?
The AfterGlow controller is a 3rd party wired Xbox 360 controller produced by PDP.

How much Does it Retail for?
The controller retails for $30 ($10 cheaper then an original Microsoft Brand)

What all do you get for the Money?
For $30 you get the controller, instruction manual, lifetime warranty, and converter cable (same as a Microsoft Controller).

The Xbox 360 has gotten multiple different 3rd party controllers over the years. Most of them are either shaped completely different then the official Microsoft controller, others are made to look exactly like a Microsoft controller, but in fact are cheaper, less durable knockoffs. The PDP AfterGlow controller is a different story. The controller looks a lot like a Microsoft brand controller, but has some special differences that make this one stand out amongst the other 360 controllers out there.

Although its shape is extremely similar to a Microsoft controller, it has some minor and some major differences. Firstly, the start and select buttons on the AfterGlow are shaped differently, and are also placed differently. Secondly the guide button is a flat button as apposed to the metal circular button on the Microsoft controller. The controller's physical size is also a tad bit smaller then the Microsoft controller. This isn't really that noticeable, but is worth mentioning. The final difference is the most obvious difference. The controller's shell is clear, and contains (blue) LED lights all around the circuit board, causing the controller to glow. The LEDs can be turned on, off, or on vibration via a little switch located on the back of the controller. The LEDs are extremely bright and make the controller look really cool. If you didn't know better, it's possible you'd think this was just a case modded Microsoft controller. The controller is available in blue, red, and green LEDs. I'm not 100% positive there are any other colors out or planned to be released.

The quality of this controller is pretty good. Although it feels cheaper than an official Microsoft controller, it does feel a lot better made than the majority of the other 3rd party 360 controllers out there. The problem I have with the controller is the Analog Stick. It feels looser than the Microsoft controller. It may just be a personal thing, but I feel like I have more control when using a genuine controller. I'm not saying the Analog Stick is bad, just a lot looser. Similar to how the PS3 controller Analog Stick feels. Like I said it may just be me, but the Microsoft controller Analog Stick dominates this controller.

All in all this is a great alternative to the official Microsoft controller. It feels almost exactly like an official controller, it plays almost exactly like an official controller, and the best part is, it's cheaper then an official controller. Plus the LED lights add a very cool look to this controller. Currently this is only available as a wired controller, so if you don't need/want a wired controller stay clear of this. However, if your looking for a spare 360 controller, or a PC gamepad then I highly recommend this controller. Although the driver is a little tricky to find, it works great on a PC!

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