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Learning CurveB
Replay ValueB-

Pros and Cons

  • Very well done graphics
  • Vocal dubbings are all well done
  • Our hero is not moving in the room
  • Too illogical (or astral) puzzles

Creature Crunch (PC)

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This is more "interactive animation" rather than an "adventure Game" with wicked humor inspired by US animation.



I'm not sure I'd call this an "adventure game". This could be more "interactive animation", rather than any kind of game.

Our hero (i.e. you or I) is stuck in the house of a mad scientist. He wants to get out of the mansion, but to do that, he must eat items and transform to defeat the monsters found therein. Along for the journey is Brian, a "brain" who's full of talk.

As I told you above, I'm not sure I'd call this a "game." You don't move in each area; you just click a "hot spot" & watch weird, funny things happen. When we click an item, it'll do something very unusual. So you could say this is just animation with some point and click.

It's really funny, even if all of it is INSANE! The actions of items are all insane. Eating items and transformations are all insane. The ending is insane. THIS GAME IS TOTALLY FULL OF INSANE GAGS! It reminded me somewhat of American TV animation, which has somewhat weird and wicked (and sometimes INSANE) things. So if you like that, this could be worth to try.

One bad thing is that it doesn't have any English subtitles, so non-native-English users could suffer sometimes. Also, more than half of items must be clicked more than once, which is sometimes very annoying. All puzzles are illogical (I mean INSANE!), so if you lose your way, you could be in trouble.

Still, this is really fun and good to go. It is really worth to try, if you can handle it. Even if I can't give this a high recommedation, I would still recommend it.

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