Pros and Cons

  • Experimental
  • Unique
  • Excellent musicianship
  • Lyrics are sometimes unintelligible

De-Loused in the Comatorium (Mars Volta, The)

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Excellent piece of some truly unique work.



Now, granted, I may not be a "hardcore" fan. I actually just bought the CD two days ago after hearing about it from some people over time, and I figured hey, it's on sale, so I'll pick it up. Although, before I begin, to anyone that can clear this up for me, what's the deal with the two covers? I bought mine at Best Buy, and it has a Jelly Head, and I've seen other art on various websites show the golden head.

On we go -- The first time I listened to the CD, I didn't get the full effect, mainly because I listened to it on a subpar stereo rather than headphones (generally, headphones give you the best experience for this type of deeper music). I really enjoy the vocals in De-Loused, they're very unique without going overboard. I was a fan of At The Drive-In and I wasn't let down by this, even if it didn't sound anything like ATDI.

The album is pretty long, with the exception of two songs, they're all longer than 4 minutes (longest clocking in at approx. 12:28). The drumming is absolutely impeccable in this album, probably the album's best aspect. It really shines in 'This Apparatus Must Be Unearthed'. Another great part of this CD, is the reverbed/reversed guitars. Now, they're not ALL reverbed and/or reversed, but the usage of reverb in this album is spectacular. I'm not a big fan of reverb, even when I play, but TMV managed to make it work. Kudos! Oh, and don't think I don't like the bass and guitar work. Excellent and top-notch as well, but the drums really stood out to me.

The vocals, in case I haven't stressed hard enough, are great. They fit in perfectly with the instruments. They meld into all of the songs seamlessly! They're intense, build up suspense, and get the point across with authority.

It's rare that I'll like a CD this much on an impulse buy, but I really gotta try this more often! I'd definitely recommend this to anyone. It's hard to really compare TMV to any other bands, because they're truly unique. But, if I really had to, I'd say they sorta resemble Incubus in terms of experimentation. Recommended!

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