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Replay ValueB+

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  • Voice acting is great for a DS game.
  • Gameplay will keep you coming back for more.
  • Graphics are beautifully designed.

Final Fantasy IV (Nintendo DS)

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Possibly one of the best Final Fantasies that I have played.


"Bid farewell to you're bloodstained past."

Well considering this is my first review, I would most likely get negative responses from you guys but bear with me.

First of all I would like to put in that even though this is the first version of Final Fantasy IV that I have played, I have had the time of my life playing it.

Graphics 10/10

First of all, wow. Just wow. The sprites are smooth and their movements are not choppy unlike some games on the DS. The scenery of the world map and dungeons are just full on 3D that your jaws will drop down when you see it. Final Fantasy IV beats Final Fantasy III any day with its graphics. The development team has clearly improved since FFIII and I must say kudos for making a game that kept me playing for hours and hours.

Gameplay 10/10

The thing I love the most in this game is the ATB system. It's wonderful in every way because it's more challenging to battle bosses and monsters unlike the turn based Final Fantasies that I have played before *looks at FFI, II & III*. I'm not saying that the previous Final Fantasies are crap, I mean every Final Fantasy in its own way is plain amazing. The ATB system lets you take advantage of feeling that you're actually in a battle, in a way that your opponent acts even though you haven't chosen your next move. This is great because you get that feeling that you have to be prepared for your next fight otherwise you'll get beaten.

Music 10/10

Ah, music. It creates moods for most situations and for some, music makes their hearts beat faster. From the 'Theme of Love' to the 'Dreadful Battle' the music in this game will either calm you down or make your heart race. From boss battles to sappy scenes with Cecil & Rosa, FFIV doesn't fail to bring us nothing but great music unlike some games with music that will make your ears bleed.

Replay Value 8/10

I give this game an 8/10 for Replay Value for two reasons. First of all, some people on a website called gamefaqs.com told me that in the GBA version, they added a Lunar Trial and it was an area accessible after finishing the game once, but they took it out for the DS. Second, although they took out the Lunar Trials for this version, they added a new feature, the New Game+ which would give you the chance to play the game from the start with some items transferred over from your old save.

Now, new game + would be great but you can only have a new game + twice. But during the 2nd and 3rd playthroughs, you will find bonus bosses (two actually, but I won't mention them due to some major spoilers) which adds to the challenge of completing the game 100%.

Overall rating 10/10 (A+)

Ok, well enough talking/ typing for me I guess. Final Fantasy IV DS is one game that I recommend to buy or get even though you've played the old versions or you're new to the series because its one game that would leave you asking for more.

Thanks for reading my review,

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