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Learning CurveA-
Replay ValueA

Pros and Cons

  • Excellent gameplay, this is strategy heaven! It copies Ogre Battle to a T
  • Lots of characters, lots of different jobs
  • Amazing graphics on the summons
  • Lots of items, and subquests
  • Probably the best music you will find in a game
  • None of the character's portraits have noses
  • Shoddy translation: ice "bracelet" instead of breath
  • Perhaps too many characters to keep track of?
  • TIME, this game guzzles time worse than a S.U.V guzzles gas
  • It copies ogre battle and tactics ogre to a T!

Final Fantasy Tactics (PlayStation)

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My favorite game of all time.


I have spent more time on this game than any other game I've played. "Final Fantasy Tactics" is more fun than a barrel of monkeys!

Square hired Atlus' team that made the games "Tactics Ogre" and "Ogre Battle" to make a strategy game in the Final Fantasy universe with chocobos and the Final Fantasy weapons. The job system is the same as Final Fantasy III and V and it even has a subquest with Cloud from Final Fantasy VII.

There are only a few minor flaws that keep this game from getting an A+. The translation is shoddy: "cuar" instead of "cougar" and "fire bracelet" instead of "fire breath" to name a couple. There are loads of NPCs and it may be too many to keep track of or care about. Also, one battle can take a LOT of time, up to an hour if you take your time micro-managing each battle.

If you like Atlus strategy games, then you will love Final Fantasy Tactics. The casual gamer owes it to himself to play through this game at least once, and the strat/RPG enthusiasts will go back to this time and again.

The comprehensive job system makes for virtually unlimited replayability and there are plenty of secret items to find. If you have a Gameshark, you can use it to make the game more difficult, because once you get one of the powerful NPCs, the game is essentially a cakewalk. That is one of the complaints, that Cid unbalances the game, so the Gameshark rectifies that problem.

The game's engine and gameplay make it a timeless classic that never gets old. A yes and you can find it cheaply at EB or Gamestop.

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