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  • Completely customizable characters
  • Stunning visuals and gameplay
  • Potential for hundreds of hours of gameplay

Final Fantasy VIII (PlayStation)

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An older title in the best-selling RPG series of all time, but still well worth the time!



Final Fantasy is the best-selling RPG series in video games and it's easy to understand why. Rather than pick up a story from where the last game left off, each game is completely unique and offers its fans new perks, challenges, and struggles. Strategy and wit are what this franchise is all about, and Final Fantasy VIII is no exception. While many have regarded this game as a less-than-perfect addition to the series, it has captured the hearts of millions of others.

Final Fantasy VIII introduces the Junctioning system, which allows players to totally customize their characters and better prepare themselves for particular enemies. The junctioning system allows a player to equip their stock of magical spells directly onto a character's stats (i.e. strength, speed, etc.) in order to increase that stat accordingly. Different spells affect the stats differently; so you will always be experimenting by mixing your spells around to your liking. This is fun at times, but it can also be tedious. Junctioning is a double-edged sword in that once a spell is attached to your character stats, it is best not to use the spell afterwards. Doing so will result in fewer spells attached to that stat, meaning the stat decreases every time you cast that spell! In the end, you are just making your character weaker.

Another interesting thing about this game is that the enemies (and bosses) are entirely level-based. Basically, the enemies in the game are only as strong as your characters are, enough to present a challenge, but no matter your level, they were always defeatable. It's well known that this can be taken advantage of in combination with the junctioning system mentioned above. When playing the game you can avoid enemy encounters, so as to keep your party members from ever leveling up. At the same time, you'll be able to equip spells to all of your characters stats, raising their strength, HP, magic, etc., until ultimately, you have a very low-level character with the power of a high-level one. Since the bosses are stuck on a lower level as well, this means you can basically decimate them.

The gameplay and exploration in Final Fantasy VIII is fantastic. This is a powerful game! The gameplay is flawless, and everything you'll need to know to play the game is explained to you in tutorials. Once you've played it for a couple of hours,though, you will feel right at home with the controls (even if this is your first Final Fantasy). Perhaps even more importantly, the fondness and "feel" we expect from a Final Fantasy game is here from the start.

The storyline is as epic and intense as one can imagine as well. From the introduction video when we get our first glance at our hero, to the very last second of the final battle, who can help but be drawn into the awesome world and powerful plot of Final Fantasy VIII? The characters are very moving and at times it's as if your actually experiencing the depths of their fear, love, and hopes right there with them. This game will make you look at yourself and really think about your life. Few games can make that claim.

In conclusion, I just wanted to have a chance to recommend this fantastic game to every gamer out there. If you haven't played it yet, get it(It's only $10 on in the Playstion Store!) If you're a hardcore Final Fantasy die-hard as I am, but haven't played this game in a while, play it again! This game is so deep and rich that you will always discover new joys each time you pick it up.

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