Pros and Cons

  • Best stunts ever caught on tape
  • Runs about 120 mins
  • About 20 stunt riders and teams
  • Some pretty bad crashes
  • None that I can think of

Judgment Day 3: Take No Prisoners (DVD)

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Top stunt riders and teams in the world sent in video of their best stunts and this is what you get!


Jackass was a bunch of kids taping their crazy stunts and putting it on video. This is the same thing, but with crotch rockets that would go 20 times faster then anybody rolling down a hill in a barrel.

This video is filled with tons of variations of wheelies, stoppies, standing on the bike, and whatever else you can think of. It is amazing what these riders can think of doing while riding on a crotch rocket, and all of it is on this video.

The soundtrack is great with a bunch of bands I haven't even heard of, but their sound is just blasting with the mostly rock songs. The video is just as good as the soundtrack and is really clear to make sure you can say something like "I can't believe he just did that".

While this video shows the good side of stunt riding, it also shows another part -- the cops, injuries, and crashes, the even better part of the video. You will see some riders get busted and get fingerprinted, but what's even better are the bikes crashing into a bunch of pieces. The only disturbing part is when you see an x-ray of a finger which shows it in a Z formation.

With all this, I advise no one to try to attempt any of the stunts on this video, just watch it and enjoy. Also watch the promo I have included in the links to get a taste of what this thing is all about.

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