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Learning CurveA
Replay ValueA-

Pros and Cons

  • Wonderful characters that you get to know.
  • Great graphics and sound, music is wonderful.
  • Leveling up is a pleasure not a pain.
  • Great voice acting.
  • Wonderful gameplay and replay value.
  • Abilities need to be explained more clearly.
  • Ending could have explained more.
  • Sometimes it has horrible controls.
  • Sometimes the camera angles are awful.
  • Kids game appearance may turn some away.

Kingdom Hearts (PlayStation 2)

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One may be hesitant to play a game that involves Disney creations such as Donald and Goofy as the main character in an RPG; Kingdom Hearts packs a surprising punch especially for $19.99.



To be honest I truthfully think that Kingdom Hearts is just naturally one of those games that people are skeptical about and are afraid to try. This is true if you are a hardcore RPG gamer or if you just like to try them from time to time. I know I didn't even try till years after it came out despite the hype. The reason is simply because it's more Disney than Squaresoft.

Let's face it; playing a Disney game hurts some of our macho gamer egos. That being said let me be the first to tell you that THERE IS A LOT OF DISNEY in this game. Trust me, you never forget the fact that Donald and Goofy as well as a lot of other Disney characters are by your side. However this is slightly offset by the appearance of lots of familiar faces from Squaresoft's Final Fantasy series.

It's the appearance of these characters that has made the game playable for many. I know the thought of just seeing Sephiroth again made me want to play the game and I do not regret it. Kingdom Hearts plays like a Squaresoft RPG, looks like a Squaresoft RPG, and sounds like a Squaresoft RPG, so what can go wrong? The answer to that question is not much can go wrong actually.

I found very few things that I dislike about this game, and trust me I am a critic. The graphics were right on the mark and wonderfully done. The music was very compelling. The combat styles and leveling systems were great. The other things that I had a slight problem with were the fact that how to use abilities wasn't really explained well in the instruction manual and the sometimes dreadfully horrible camera angles and controls. However when you look at the entirety of the game and the fact that the horrible camera angles and controls don't occur too often, I can live with it.

As far as replay ability is concerned I played the heck out of it. I did everything you can do including beating Sephiroth, which was well worth it in my opinion. I would say this is a good 50 hours well spent if you pace yourself. If you're a Disney fan you will love this game. If you're a Final Fantasy or Squaresoft fan you will love this game. Heck if you're an RPG fan you will probably love this game. With the price drop and it becoming one of the Greatest Hits collection at $19.99 you can't go wrong.

This is one of the few RPG's that the ending actually made me cry. I actually felt like I got to know Donald and Goofy.....did I just say that out loud? smile But seriously, if you don't buy it for its Disney and Squaresoft ties at least get it because it has a star studded voice cast. I mean BILLY ZANE is the bad guy for crying out loud. laughing out loud You can't go wrong with Billy Zane.

In conclusion, this game is at least worth trying but it will stay as a part of my permanent collection. It has around 10 worlds from an assortment of Disney films and has a nice feel to it. This is an RPG for everyone and will touch the hearts of everyone who plays it.

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