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Pros and Cons

  • Phenomenal cast and script
  • Story is great in several facets
  • Cut-sceens have wonderful animation
  • Battles involve tactical movement
  • Plot-twists and adventure vary greatly
  • Alex progresses quite naturally from boy to hero
  • When the game ends, you're left in awe
  • The battle movement wasn't exploited very well
  • Dungeons can be a bit tedious
  • When the game ends, you're left feeling empty

Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete (PlayStation)

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Truely great RPGs come around about as often as real Dragonmasters...



Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete is an updated release of the Sega CD game, Lunar: Silver Star Story. The game features a young boy, Alex, pursuing his dream of becoming the next Dragonmaster. Of course, he gets some help along the way through his childhood friends, a mysterious traveler, and some other interesting personalities....all searching for their own answers.

Alex and company begin their journey by traveling to the "big city", Merribia. They meet with some personable people, and continue their inevitable quest towards becoming a Dragonmaster.

The battles feature your standard turn-based RPG affair. You can attack, defend, use magic, or use items. The biggest elements are the free-range movement on the battlefield, and an uncertain time of action. You decide on all characters decisions, then it's left up the game to decide who will go first. The movement in battles can be very helpful to avoid "zone" attacks, but the only way to completely control it is by defending, and that could be a wasted turn. To add to the strategic elements, each bosses' HP is based upon Alex's current level. To boot, you'll encounter a wide range of monsters and bosses, and they all have beautiful sprites. The backgrounds in battles are also a nice touch to illustrate the environments. Although some dungeons can drag on, it's nothing to truly set the gameplay back.

Throughout your adventure, you'll witness several anime cut-screens, and each one helps the story progress. The anime screens are the biggest "addition" to the actual game. The biggest difference from playing this from the Sega CD version is graphical changes and a few minor differences in how things are played out.

Silver Star Story Complete is a fantastic RPG that features amazing characters, a genius script, and a thorough story. Practically everything about this game is a true joy. The gameplay has true strategy, and cannot be done simply with attack and magic actions. Each moment in the game has either purpose, or is just a delight to be had. I can only summon the complete experience by saying "marvelous". If you are a fan of console style RPGs, you owe it to yourself to play this amazing game.

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