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Learning CurveA-
Replay ValueA

Pros and Cons

  • BEST animation I've ever seen (yes even better than the GTA series)
  • Sound is good
  • Very realistic
  • AWESOME sound effects
  • Great storyline
  • Needs better fighting style
  • Need headlights for cars, can't see when it's dark (but it's spooky!)
  • Need to be able to buy guns
  • Graphics could be better

Mafia (PlayStation 2)

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A great game to play while waiting for GTA 4 to be released. It's like GTA, but its setting is in the 1930's and you work for a Mafia. A MUST-HAVE for GTA fans.


What can you say about this game? Well, a lot of games have tried to make their game style like the Grand Theft Auto series, but weren't very successful ("L.A. Crimes", "The Getaway", etc...). This game is the best as far as I see it.

The setting is 1930, back when the Mafia ran things. You start off by being an average taxi driver who happens to get dragged in a gang war. You are offered the chance to join the Selieri family and work for them. Of course, you accept and the game moves on from there (I don't want to ruin the story).

The missions go from creepy rainy nights (at a farm in the country where you know how scary stormy nights can be) all the way to gun wars in a church. The way the setting is captured is still unbelievable to me. The old fashioned cars and the 1930 outfits are just simply astonishing. All in all, it's VERY REALISTIC down to the smallest detail of normal everyday life.

This game allows you to walk around town on foot or ride around in a car, even if you have to PICK the lock to steal someone's car! It's amazing how "Mafia" enforces the law. If you run a red light, go over the speed limit, or if you're even seen with a weapon, you get pulled over for a ticket. But don't get into too much trouble or they'll have to chase you down. And these cops aren't as easy to shake off as the ones in the Grand Theft Auto series. You'll be forced to cut every corner, use every street light, and use pedestrians and cars as obstacles for the cops.

Another new feature I'm not yet quite used to is the way you get cars from other people. You have to go through the missions and your mechanic (Ralph) has to teach you how to pick locks. So to steal a car, you have to pick the car door's lock. This is better than the GTA series where you just open the door and rip the people out of their cars. But if you pick the wrong car to mess with, it might just be a gang member who is very capable of putting holes in you in seconds, so check out who's in the car first.

This game is plain and simple, a MUST-HAVE for ANYBODY who is waiting for the next "Grand Theft Auto" to be released.

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