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Pros and Cons

  • Easy to pick up and play
  • Bad controls
  • Players always have heads facing the ground
  • Shot percentages are way off
  • All shooting positions look the same
  • Unrealistic
  • Too simple
  • No depth, or length of the game.



NBA Courtside 2002 (GameCube)

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A game with potential, killed by little problems and awful gameplay, sound and game depth



This game is being reviewed from the standpoint of 2001, when it was released. I got it back in 01 thinking it would be a great game, like its predecessor; I was in for a wakeup call. After playing this game, you figure out quickly why this was the last Courtside basketball game. I played it for about fifteen to twenty minutes, and couldn't stand it anymore, but decided to give it another chance, only to be turned away by its awful representation of basketball. I was dissapointed because I really enjoyed the previous Courtside games, but this ruined my feelings on the series.

Graphics were decent for the time, but there are some quirks. For instance, the players all run with their heads down during the game. Also, these players have the exact same style of shot. Little things like this detract from the game. The controls are simple, but they feel awkward and goofy almost all the time. This doesn't improve the longer you play; they stay odd and uncomfortable. The sound is pretty bad as well. Everything in the game sounds like someone basically took an old beat-up recorder, went to a Laker's game, and set it under a seat. The sole positive note is that it's easy to pick up and play, even though the controls are fairly odd.

The game, for me, was also too simple. It didn't involve anything other than run and shoot. You could be an eight year old, who knows nothing of basketball, and be able to win a game anytime. The dunks look odd, and the shot percentages are way off. Most of the time, you have a better chance at hitting a three-pointer than you do a five- foot jumper, which is yet another thing that takes away from the game experience. It's pretty simple to average fifty to sixty points and twenty rebounds without any problem becuase any semblence of defense is non-existent. Additionally, at times the A.I. will go completely crazy if you've got a lead, so watch out for the A.I. to kick it up a notch or five with all sorts of unrealistic plays.

This could have been a good game, but problems both big and small ruined the experience. If you are going to get an old basketball game for the Gamecube, and are short on money, by all means just get a different game.

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