Specific Ratings

Learning CurveC
Replay ValueC-

Pros and Cons

  • Out-of-this-world graphics!
  • Awesome music and sound effects.
  • The stoyline is exciting and mysterious.
  • You come face-to-face with strange new creatures!
  • Dialogue is pretty bland and boring.
  • Some puzzles are ridiculously hard.
  • Not much action at all. Pretty much all puzzles.
  • Played it once and never died...Can you die??

Paradise (PC)

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Looking for a game of mystery and puzzles? This one's for you.



Game release: May 3, 2006

You are.....ummm......I think I'm.....I don't know... You awaken in a palace somewhere.....so.....who am I and what am I doing here? According to the servants and others in the palace, you are Ann Smith. Your plane went down in the desert and they brought you to the palace in Maurania to take care of you until you are well. This is all you know! You take control of Ann in this point-and-click adventure game and try to get out of this palace and find out why you're here in the first place. To get out, you must first get permission from the Prince. But, upon meeting him, you find that you have a task to fulfill in order to get back home to Geneva, where you believe you are from. You must return his jaguar to the desert....Is that all?!

You will encounter vigorous tests of your intelligence throughout this mysterious game as you attempt to get back home. When you finally get out of the palace, and when things seem to be going your way, your reasons for being there begin to come clear. You will come to find out that there are certain folks in the game that don't want you to complete your task. Ann travels through the desert, forests, and even above-ground villages in order to acheive her goal.

Tests and puzzles await you around every corner, so be sure to keep your brain pumping! Some tests/puzzles will include properly setting a scales to three levels in order to get some sweet cakes for a greedy princess within the palace, properly setting walkways in an exact location in order for your faithful companion (the jaguar) to exit his cage and accompany you, and even catching yourself some little sand critters in order to make yourself a drum head! I do not want to spoil the exact reasons of the puzzles, so that's all you get....lol. If you want to continue....you'd best get it right, because Ann encounters many characters throughout her journey. But, who's to know which ones will help you? Enter into this world of mystery, and discover where your paradise truly lies.

The game uses a point-and-click layout, and you really will only need to use the mouse during the game. You move and access things simply by using the mouse. When conversing with the locals and such, a list of conversation topics will appear on the screen. You can choose which ones to discuss simply by clicking on them. The sound and effects are great, but the dialouge between Ann and other characters is kind of boring, even stupid and ridiculous with some people (Major Good Morning? ...What kind of name is that??). The graphics stand out as a wonderfully created PC game. The graphics are excellent, have very clear views of all of your surroundings, and the world around you is complete down to the spot and shadow! Although wonderfully created, it is set in more of a fantasy type world with creatures not of this world, and environments that your eyes would deny! Overall, it's a great game to play to get your brain pumping. If you can make it through this one, you should surely feel a sense of accomplishment!!

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