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Replay ValueA+
Learning CurveA+

Pros and Cons

  • Very easy learning curve
  • Tons of game modes to play
  • At times may feel a bit grindy

Plants vs. Zombies (PC)

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A Fundead Time for Anyone



A tale as old as time, zombies are coming to eat your brains. You must grow your arsenal of plant power to keep the hungry zombies at bay. Generate sunlight to sow the seeds of victory with 49 unique plants to choose from. The structure of this game appeals to both hardcore and casual gamers, with levels lasting only a few minutes, but some require immense planning and careful plotting of plants to be sure no zombie munches on your cranium. After each level, the player is awarded a new plant to use, giving the player more of an advantage over the undead army. Your neighbor, Crazy Dave, will eventually open up a shop after the player destroys the zombie who stole his keys, and sells useful upgrades like the ability to take more plants into a battle, or the ability to repair damaged wall nuts. The progression is easy enough for anyone to grasp, as only 1 new concept is being introduced every level. Tired of playing adventure? There's 20 mini-games to master, or 20 puzzles to complete. Zombies hidden in vases? clear your lawn of all the vases and zombies to win, or try I, Zombie, where Crazy Dave trains zombies to attack the player's house! In Survival mode, the player has the same lawn for 5 flags (10 on hard), picking new plants to defend every flag (2 on hard). But if that's too much hostility, the Zen garden has the player taking care of plants obtained from Crazy Dave or from zombie drops. There's a game mode everyone can enjoy in Plants Vs Zombies!

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