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  • Tons of molexes
  • 2 fans
  • Superb quality and reliability

Power Supply (PC)

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Another quality Antec product. Please be aware that this review is for a specific power supply, but is linked to a more generic GTZ listing. The other power supplies in the GTZ listing may not be the same model as the one in this review.



Antec True Power 480W

Antec was recommended to me over and over again, when I was building this computer that I'm typing to you with right now. My older computer got fried due to a power supply failure. It was apparently putting too much voltage into the wrong areas, and fried the DIMM section, my video and sound cards, and nearly fried the processor (which I've since replaced).

When I first opened this power supply, I didn't realize how truly nice it was going to be. It not only has one fan on the back to cool it off, but another one on the bottom! It has molexes to spare. I have 4 case fans, 2 hard drives, a floppy, 2 CD-ROM's, all being powered by it, and there's still more molexes just in case! Another nice thing is that the power cable that plugs into the motherboard matches my Antec Cobra Cables.

Most people will tell you that it depends on how heavy the PSU is, in order for it to be good. Well, this isn't necessarily true, due to some people loading them with extra weight to make them seem good. But don't be fooled here, this is the good stuff!

The Antec TruePower 480W is a truly nice power supply, and definitely worth the high amount you might pay for it. Who wants to pay $20 for a PSU when it could crap out on you? If you have a decent computer, I'd recommend going the extra mile and getting this fine piece of hardware.

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