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Learning CurveA-
Replay ValueC-

Pros and Cons

  • Can be very addictive, although this may be bad.
  • Sweet music!
  • Has a bonus disk that you will actually enjoy!
  • You're always hitting the frog full power.....

Ribbit King (GameCube)

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Golf + Frogs = Hella cool game!



"Ribbit King" is a very clever game from Bandai. It is basically a golf game, but instead of balls, you using frogs. You play the part of a wanna-be "frolf" champion named Scooter. You progress through the game competing against strange opponents, and their matching frogs. Frogs are the key to victory. Each one has a different attribute i.e. lava resistant. Frogs can also be fed power-ups bought from a character that is a gumball machine! This game is adorable! The characters resemble a cross between the "Animal Crossing" and "Chibi-Robo" characters.

The courses are littered with strange obstacles, from spider webs to teleporting whirlpools. Soon you will find out that the first one with the "frog in" does not always win. Along the way you collect, or are subtracted points. This is based on things such as your frog catching a fly, which adds points. To driving your frog into the side of a plateau, which not only takes away points but angers your frog. Unlike other golf games, many times the fastest way to the hole is not always the most direct.

The only problem with the game has to do with gameplay. Once you target the destination of your frog, you're always going to use max power. This takes the challenge of the game way down. There is also no wind factor, or no curvature of the path, etc, as with normal golf games.

I highly recommend! Fantastic music and a way cool bonus disk! Due to the uniqueness of this game, once you obtain a copy, odds are it will never leave your collection.


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