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Learning CurveA
Replay ValueA+

Pros and Cons

  • Customized skill sets (punching, kicking, etc.)
  • Replay value
  • Interesting story line
  • Multiplayer

River City Ransom (Nintendo Entertainment System)

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One of the earliest games to let you customize your character's fighting skills. Purchase books that teach you enhanced kicking, punching, and jumping skills. While the story remains the same, the replay value is great because of the customizable skills.



River City Ransom is one of the earliest games that lets you fully customize your character's fighting skills (punching, kicking, defense, etc.). By purchasing drinks, food, or books you can heal your character or give them enhanced fighting skills.

A very enjoyable and straightforward story line keeps the gamer interested. In order to save your girlfriend you must defeat increasingly difficult bosses and their gang members (who, when defeated, leave behind a bit of money with which you can purchase upgrades!). The game can be played in its entirety in a little over an hour, so it is a quick game, but holds plenty of replay value.

The ability to customize the character's skill sets gives gamers a chance to try out different enhanced skills. There is also a hidden store (which you'll just have to go looking for to find!) that holds a few very expensive artifacts that can greatly enhance the character's abilities. It's always fun racking up enough money to purchase these and increases the replay factor.

An overall enjoyable game, and very fun in the long run! ..I still enjoy it to this day!

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