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  • 1-4 player games
  • Saves game when getting phone call
  • Stats tracking
  • Can't listen to your own music while playing
  • Scrolling board while dragging a tile can be hard

Scrabble -- iPhone (other)

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EA's Scrabble for the iPhone is fun version of the classic board game.



Scrabble for the iPhone is a lot of fun. It plays a lot like the Nintendo DS version. Drag the tiles around the screen. Double-click to zoom the board in or out. There's a "scramble" button that will rearrange your tiles. You can also shuffle your tiles by shaking the iPhone. There's a "Best Word" button that will play your best word for you. You can use this feature 3 times per game. The game tracks your play statistics: wins and losses, best word played, etc. The game has several play modes. 1-player vs computer, 2-4 players (pass around the iPhone) and 1-player solo. It does not have any online play.

Graphics and sound are nice. Bright and colorful. The board is easy to read. Controls work well with one minor annoyance. If you are zoomed in and need to place a tile off the screen you can use a second finger to scroll the screen. This can require some finger contortions, and can be frustrating. Just like the other EA games, you cannot listen to your own music while playing Scrabble. This is ultra-lame. One other missing feature that would be nice is a way to look up words in a Scrabble dictionary. Although, this isn't absolutely necessary as the game won't let you play an invalid word.

All in all, Scrabble for the iPhone is a fun to play version of this classic game. Out of the three EA iPhone games I've reviewed (see my Tetris and Sudoku reviews), I find it to be the most well done. If you are a Scrabble fan, I think you'll enjoy it.

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