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  • Great Story
  • Great character development
  • Some scenes feel out-of-place



SLC Punk (DVD)

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SLC Punk tells the story of a group of punks having to cope with growing up.



SLC Punk is a movie made for fans of music and the culture that becomes a part of it. It not only looks at music as a culture, it breaks it down and shows how absurd it really is. SLC Punk may focus on punk, but it also shows the stupid trends that exist across all music. SLC is the story of Stevo, a recent college graduate who is stuck inbetween lives. He's living in Salt Lake City, the "mecca" of Mormonism and is one of a few punks in the area. He has to come to a decision about his life. On the one hand, he can stay true to his punk roots and do absolutely nothing, leaving his days open for partying and concerts. Problem is he has grown tired of this lifestyle. On the other hand he could go to Harvard law school and become everything he hates and stands against.

During the movie we are taken through a brief synopsis of punk theory. James Merendino does this with a clipshow that ultimantly leads us to conclude that the theory of punks is nothing more than a series of contradictions. That's what I love so much about this movie. It breaks down all these theories people in music culture have about the world and shows how absurd they really are.

As we go through the movie we are introduced to each of the characters personally. I love how each character has a backstory so we know why each of them act the way they do. Through the use of slideshows, flashbacks, and slo-mo camera tricks, we are immersed into the Punk world of Salt Lake City. Each character is diffrent and has a great story to add to the overall theme.

SLC Punk tells a great story of a kid trying to hold onto his ideas but becoming increasignly aware of thre real world around him. Protected in his safe SLC bubble, he must decide to face the real world or slowly fade away. The story is amazing and the ending is tragic and really speaks about the decision every person must face as a youth. Become what you hate or fade away into nothingness.

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