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Learning CurveD
Replay ValueD-

Pros and Cons

  • Amazing Visuals
  • Sense of Speed is extraordinary!
  • Slow down or Speed Up Time!
  • Horrible Controls
  • Only 7 worlds with repeated scenery in challenges
  • Horrible storyline
  • Repetitive gameplay
  • Recycled noises from the Sonic Adventure games.

Sonic and the Secret Rings (Nintendo Wii)

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Sonic Blazes onto the Wii



Sonic The Hedgehog races onto the Wii, falls, trips and goes down...

GRAPHICS - Sonic and the Secret Rings graphics might be the only good thing about the game, since the visuals have been updated nicely. Sonic is looking better than ever and finally out of the DC- like style graphics he carried from Sonic Adventure to Sonic Riders. The sense of speed has been vastly updated because there are moments in which Sonic shows just what he is made of. The levels themselves are vivid and flowing with life, especially The Dinosaur Jungle where you can see the plants and such all moving and interacting.

The game suffers with its horrible comic-style "cutscenes", since the theme is that of Aladdin`s Agrabah, they use a back as a background and static comic-like visuals to present cutscenes, which you will no doubt not pay attention to after very long.

SOUND - As always, Sonic has his pop music and this time it`s quite catchy since you HAVE to listen to it every single time win, lose or if you are in the menu. The stage`s songs and such range from very good to super stupid: very good as in Sand Oasis, stupid as in Dinasaur Jungle.

Sonic`s own voice, Shahra`s voice, and all of the other characters are all intact. Sonic`s old noises such as the whoosh sound he made when you use homing attack is also here.

GAMEPLAY - Stupid. You hold the Wiimote sideways as if using a car and you get to steer Sonic. Yes, you heard me correctly, you have to "STEER", except Sonic moves forward by himself like the Tony Hawk games. You use the "2" button to jump, hold to jump higher, use the "1" to brake, and move the Wiimote forward while jumping to Homing Attack. To move back, you have to tilt the Wiimote towards you. These are all awkward controls that take an excessive amount of time to master.

The game itself is horribly structured, the controls and the type of levels don`t mix at all. Having to do a simple action such as picking up a dino egg is so awkward that you will get frustrated with this game long before you try to understand it. The levels feel more like a "Don`t Crash and Die" rather than "Get to the Goal as Fast as you can."

Enemy AI is retarded. Generally baddies just stand there waiting for you to end their miserable lives Occasionally they are annoying since their fire blast cancels out your homing attack most of the time.

The game only has 7 worlds each with the same repeated challenges, such as:

Get To the Goal
Collect 99 Rings
Beat Uhu ( looks like a Navi ripoff and crazy hard to beat too)
Diehard Challenge (don`t die)
Rampage! (kill all enemies)
No Pearls (don`t get any pearls)
Hands Off (finish with 0 rings)
Stealth Attack (don`t kill enemies)
Chain Of Rings (a 100 ring combo)
Beat The Clock
Perfect Challenge (don`t get hit)
Boss Duels (quite fun actually,,,)

The story in a nutshell is to save the world inside a book from Erazor Djinn with the help of a genie named Shahra, and find a way to save Sonic from his fiery curse (a fire arrow stuck to his chest) Sonic and the Secret Rings features old characters like Eggman, Knuckles and the whole crew with different names and positions, most of which are stupider than the old ones.

And finally the game contains a blatant Mario Party ripoff that doesn`t deserve praise of any kind, since it is most likely the slowest, skill-less, and stupidest thing you will ever experience.

REPLAY VALUE - Get Gold Medals and Skills in Story Mode as well as unlock new characters for the horrible Party Mode.

If you need a Sonic fix this bad, rent it first or play Sonic Adventure DX instead.

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