Pros and Cons

  • It can come with a bonus cd with some extra tracks
  • All the songs are great, skip free
  • The cd contains Grammy Nominated song "Ridin'"
  • There is less profanity compared to other rap cds
  • The cd has only 16 songs
  • Not too many big name rappers featured on the cd

The Sound of Revenge (Chamillionaire)

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Amazing cd! "The Sound of Revenge" will hold you down until "Ultimate Victory" releases.



"The Sound of Revenge" by Chamillionaire is one of those rare cds that you find once every few years, if lucky. By rare, I mean a cd you can play from the start to the finish without skipping a song.

For rap cds, which mostly are full of profanity, "Revenege" is pretty clean. My older sister who hates rap due to all the swearing and violence, actually stole this cd from me for a good two weeks and burned a copy for herself. But if your into all that potty mouth, gang banging music, then don't worry, Chamillionaire still comes through.

Go pick this one up. Ridin' already blew up on the radio. With Chamillionaire's sophmore album "Ultimate Victory" pushed back to June, "Revenge" will hold you over until then and maybe even have you Ridin' Dirty far past the summer months.

The Sound of Revenge Track Listing

1. Sound of Revenge Intro: 5/5
- great penning lyrics, one of best intros you will ever find

2. In the Trunk: 4/5
- nice beat

3. Turn It Up feat. Lil' Flip: 5/5
-great beat, catchy, good club song, one of the few songs with a big name rapper featured in it

4. Ridin' feat. Krayzie Bone: 5/5
-great lyrics, very catchy, Grammy Nominated and Grammy Winning song

5. No Snitchin' feat. Bun B: 4/5
-fast beat, fast lyrics

6. Southern Takeover feat. Killer Mike & Pastor Troy: 4/5
-great musical assistance from Killer Mike and Pastor Troy, great trio

7. Radio Interuption: 3/5
-nice beat, slower song

8. Frontin': 5/5
-great beat and lyrics from start to finish

9. Grown and Sexy: 4/5
-nice smooth beat, sexier lyrics (tribute to back end)

10. Think I'm Crazy feat. Natalie: 3/5
-slower and softer song, soft of R&B like

11. Rain feat. Scarface & Billy Cook: 3/5
-softer smooth beat, mix of Rap and R&B

12. Picture Perfect feat. Bun B: 4/5
-nice beat, catchy

13. Fly as the Sky feat. Lil' Wayne & Rasaq: 5/5
-awesome beat, catchy beat and lyrics, the other song with a bigger name rapper featured

14. Peepin' Me: 4/5
-odd yet pleasing beat, nice female assistance, good lyrics

15. Void in my Life: 4/5
-foot taping beat, smooth lyrics

16. Sound of Revenge Outro: 5/5
-perfect outro, perfect smooth beat, perfect lyrics, perfect ending track

Bonus Disc Track Listing

1. Turn It Up (Remix) feat. E.S.G., Lil' O, & HAWK: 4/5
- Sometimes remixes ruin the song- but this is not the case with this one

2. Grind Time: 4/5
- great beat, you'll be singing it for a while

3. Rider: 3/5
- slower beat, smooth

4. Hate in Ya Eyes: 5/5
- catchy song, featured on Madden 06 soundtrack

5. Bad Guy: 3/5
- song with meaning, Chamillionaire tells it as it is

Sound of Revenge: 5/5
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