Specific Ratings

Learning CurveB-
Replay ValueB+

Pros and Cons

  • Funny Gameplay
  • Addictive Storyline/Gameplay
  • Many Different Options
  • Great use of DS Graphics
  • Some "Chapters" Can be VERY Frustrating
  • Not much originality with the DS capabilities
  • Reading through some parts can be annoying

Sprung (Nintendo DS)

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A quirky release that is cause for good times!



Those of you who know me know that I'm not very outspoken about many things (games included) unless I really like it or really dislike it. This happens to be one of those quirky titles that I really like. wink

Sprung may not exactly appeal to everyone, seeing how you don't really do a whole lot in the game (or do you?). I think this type of game is largely suited for a more Eastern play style, but those of you looking for a good laugh and some fun times should also pick it up.

The gameplay is pretty basic; you are a guy (or girl!) trying to pick up members of the opposite sex at a ski resort on break. Lots of funny situations occur, and the plot is pretty unique to boot. The ability to play as the opposite member on your second trip adds a lot to the experience, though the two story lines conflict in more than one area.

Gameplay takes place in individual conversation screens, where text is displayed from the person talking and on the touch screen responses are selected. Each line of text usually has 4 or 5 possible responses, but not all of those choices produce the desired effects. So it is up to the player to choose the response best suited for the goal that is trying to be achieved.

I can't stress enough how funny this game can be. Whether it's corny pick up lines or absolutely terrible jokes, they still force a laugh.... and don't think that they are terrible because the writers could not think of better material. They are terrible because they get laughs.

Another interesting element in this game is the way you collect items. Saying the correct phrase to the correct person at the correct time will earn you some items. Most of these items have no use whatsoever, but the game rewards you with extras like art galleries and the like with a higher percentage of items collected so it adds to the overall experience.

Sadly, there are no multiplayer options, and the sound is somewhat lackluster in a game where you are forced to do the same thing over many times. However, this does not deteriorate from the overall gameplay experience.

I really doubt many people will run out to their local game store to pick this game up, but I urge those of you who get the chance to try it out sometime. Many of my friends who thought Sprung was an absolutely idiotic idea for a game to get released in America, after playing it, absolutely loved it. What have you got to lose anyway? I am sure someone else here on GameTZ would enjoy the title. wink

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