Specific Ratings

Learning CurveC+
Replay ValueB+

Pros and Cons

  • More match options including capture the flag
  • Online play has more features
  • Space battles
  • The graphics have improved since the last game.
  • More single player campaigns.
  • The lag while playing online is horrid at times
  • Iffy loading times.

Star Wars: Battlefront II (PlayStation 2)

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Battlefront II is better than the original in some ways, but apart from a few things, it's just a facelift.



Star Wars: Battlefront II follows where the movie trilogy ends. It boasts new features in the game; the main one being the ability to go into outer space and battle foes. The game is made rather well, but there could have been some improvements given to make it so much more enjoyable.

The graphics are very nice, considering it is on the oldest of the current-gen consoles. There are also many more enemies on-screen at once. The environments look really decent too in many places, but there are some areas and levels where it looks rather bland to the eyes.

The gameplay is almost exactly like the first game in the series. The control scheme is almost identical, apart from a few minor tweaks (For example, there is now a sprint button that goes along with the new stamina bar addition. You aren't able to constantly roll around like you used to be able to do in the past game. When that bar runs out, you have wait until it fills again before you can jump or roll). You can also have the chance to play as some of the main characters of the Star Wars trilogy (everyone from Darth Maul all the way to Darth Vader). There are different match options, such as capture the flag and assault; both of which were really needed to help avoid the the repetitiveness of just repeatedly shooting the opposing force.

The online play would be the most redeeming quality of it (seeing as it should have endless replay value - right?)


The online lag while having either too many people on a server or just too many things on-screen at once causes horrible lag and makes you feel like you are teleporting around the battlefield instead of running. Times when the lag isn't bad, and depending on who you play against online, it is a highly more enjoyable experience.

All in all, minus a few extra gameplay modes, this is the same exact game that is riddled with some of the same problems as the original. Star Wars fans will obviously swoon over it, but take heed if you are new to the Star Wars world or PS2 Online world in general.

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