Specific Ratings

Learning CurveB-
Replay ValueA+

Pros and Cons

  • Great gameplay.
  • Many, many characters.
  • Great replay value, considering the amount of characters.
  • Many abilities, great 6 person battle system.
  • Team attacks in battle.
  • Long game.
  • Graphics won't appeal to some gamers.

Suikoden (PlayStation)

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A great game recommended to all RPG fans.


What is there to say about Suikoden? This is a great RPG worth the money that will undoubtedly be spent on it. I will divide this review into sections.

The graphics aren't up to PS2 standards, or even PSX standards for that matter. They are more like an enhanced SNES game, in a good way. Many gamers prefer these types of graphics over the 3-D graphics. The sprites and backgrounds are beautifully done, with a lot of variety in both character and backdrop. There is alot of detail put into both, and the animations in the game are smooth as silk. The special effects during battle are spectacular. The enemies in battle, not to mention the player characters, are great looking for these types of graphics. Won't disappoint most gamers.

The sound is spectacular. Not only is the music some of the best I've heard in an RPG in a while, but the sound effects are great too. There really isn't much else to say. You can distinguish any number of different attacks in battle just from the sound effects, and the music has alot of variety, not just recycled music for different areas. Well done.

This is where the game really shines. It is a very long game, which is a very good thing considering the well done battles and fun game system overall. There are many, many attacks to choose from during battle, and there are 108 different characters to recruit. In this game, you build a castle to rally troops at. You can find different characters all over the place, and some are easily missed. Some characters don't do battle with you, they just add something to your castle, like an elevator for example, so you don't have to use the stairs to get to everywhere. You can have stores in your castle, among many other things. The battles are spectacular, utilizing a 6 person battle system. There is virtually no amount of slowdown no matter what you are doing. Some characters, when coupled with another character, can have team attacks which inflict great damage, not to mention look great.

This is a great game. You may want to pick it up soon, before the value goes up even more. You may also want to try to find the sequels, Suikoden II and III (III being for the PS2), they are equally good, even though Suikoden II I have seen go for over 200 dollars. Well, have fun playing this masterpiece of a game!

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