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  • Great music
  • Great graphics
  • Same awesome gameplay
  • A little easy to beat

Super Metroid (Super Nintendo)

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Widely regarded as the "Best Game Ever"... Well, it's definitely up in the top 10 for sure.



The galaxy was once a peaceful and prosperous place. That is, until a routine survey mission stumbled across planet SR388. A new life form was found and named 'Metroid'. These metroids could engulf and suck the life force out of other living creatures. A few metroids were collected for further examination. That's when space pirates from the planet Zebes attacked and looted the ship. The Mother Brain along with the pirates created a metroid army. Enter Samus Aran. A galactic bounty hunter, Samus was commissioned to rid the galaxy of the pirates and the metroid menace. After destroying the pirate's base on Zebes, Samus was then commissioned to destroy every last metroid on their home world, SR388. Samus destroyed every last metroid, save one larva. Alone and abandoned, it treated Samus like it's mother. So she brought it to the Space Science academy to have it studied. But Samus Aran was barely out of the system when a distress signal was sent from the Science academy. Samus raced towards the academy, in fear of the metroid. You take up the role of Samus Aran, a character with an exo-suite tough enough to defeat both the metroids and Space Pirates. Super Metroid is a 1-player action game. It has elements of Puzzlers and RPG's. It's rated 'K-A' for very 'Mild Animated Violence'. There is also a battery back-up system that allows you to save up to three games.

Super Metroid is a 2-D side scroller. As Samus, you must explore strange lands and gather extensions and upgrades to defeat the many Space Pirates and the metroids. It's like a giant puzzle, scavenger hunt and extreme action game all rolled into one. You must fight and scavenge your way through the planet Zebes to find such items as Missiles, Morphing Ball, Power Bombs, Ice Beams, Grappling Beam, X-Ray Scope, and various other weapon and suit upgrades. All of this will help you explore and defeat the bosses of Zebes. Eventually you'll make your way to the abducted metroid and the final boss The Mother Brain. The game is packed with secrets, items, jumps and enemies. Tons and tons of enemies!

Still pictures could never capture the excellent graphics of Super Metroid. The opening sequences are very graphically intense for a 16-bit system. The two opening sequences give a feeling of an actual cinematic movie. Samus also is very well created. The suit is highly detailed and intricate. The enemies, especially the bosses, are even more detailed than the main character. Many of the horrifying monsters move and act like you would assume a creature of their stature would. The pause button brings up a map screen and a Samus overview screen. The map and Samus screen are simple, but they contain a very futuristic look. The backgrounds are nothing to awe at, but they add to the dark grim feel of the game.

The music is simply amazing. It's light and serene in easy areas, hard and heavy in the fast paced sections, and dark through the areas of insect infested areas. The sound effects are right up there with the music. The weapon's sounds vary, as do a few of the explosions. A pretty cool 'Red Alert' sounds when Samus's energy level is low.

The game isn't incredibly hard. You need to use skill and common sense to find hidden items and artifacts needed to continue through the game. While the enemies aren't too tough, (but they can give you a headache) the puzzles and hidden items are what'll get you. The Replay value is good, mostly because there is the chance at a better ending that'll bring you back to the game, and most gamers might want to find all the hidden missiles and power-ups too.

Super Metroid is very solid game on the SNES. It has very few shortcomings. The almost movie-like openings are highly impressive for a 16-bit system. The action is fast pace, and the amount of hidden things is mind-boggling. Being voted best game ever multiple times doesn't hurt either. This is the second game in the series, and it's a highly recommended title.

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