Specific Ratings

Learning CurveA+
Replay ValueA+

Pros and Cons

  • Balanced achievements
  • Great music
  • Awesome video backgrounds
  • Customizable in-game video options
  • Not much has changed as far as graphics
  • Some play modes are dull and feel unneccesary

Tetris Evolution (Xbox 360)

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The definitive puzzle game experience shines on Next-Gen hardware.



Every piece of video game hardware has had that one key software or game that works perfectly. For most game consoles , that game has been Tetris. The addictive party puzzle game that has conquered players minds and fingers since the mid 80's has now been released on the Xbox 360, and the result is still worthy of the original. I give you: Tetris Evolution.


Come on, it's Tetris! You can't go wrong! The game hasn't changed much since its inception, so unless you haven't played the original or a port (even most cell phones have Tetris as a port), I'll spare you the instructions. Little blocks combine in certain shapes to make lines and clear lower lines as speed of the dropping blocks increase. (Does that count as a spoiler?)

With the gameplay being mentioned, I will move on to the game modes. Tetris Evolution has modes abound, so much so that some of the game modes feel unnecessary. There is the original "Marathon" mode, in which you try to clear the bricks as long as you can over increased speed levels. The "Ultra" Mode has you clear as many lines as you can in a minute. Race Mode gives you a time limit in which to clear a given number of lines. There are several more, but most of them are a variation of either time or speed increases.

Multiplayer gaming is a great feature of Tetris Evolution. There is up to 4 player local multiplayer, along with Xbox Live online multiplayer support. In my experience, the players playing Tetris Evolution were more casual and less talkative than some of the other more popular games played online.


Not much has changed as far as in-game graphics, however, the updated HD video backgrounds make the game a welcome addition to anyone with an HDTV. There are many in-game backgrounds, such as flowers blooming, clouds passing, animals eating, etc. You can also add custom pictures to the backgrounds, along with video support through the XBL vision camera, but I found that distracting.

There are many video options that make the foreground and background of your HDTV look fantastic. While the blocks don't really touch the bar as far as great graphics go, the backgrounds really bring the quality of HD to life.

SOUND: 10/10

I love the music in this game. It is mainly the techno/electronic variety, but there is also some world and nature sounds in it as well. The sound truly sets the mood of the locale in the video background, IE. if there is a safari scene in the background, there is some Australian/African chants along with some didgeridoo, if there is the clouds background, there is tranquil music playing, etc. The music really sets the mood for the game, and makes the experience more enjoyable.

OVERALL: 9.5/10

Why 9.5? Well, the only bicker I have is with the gameplay graphics. The HD video is awesome playing in the background, but if there isn't much going on in the actual gameplay area, you might as well just buy a nature documentary. There really isn't a whole lot of excitement as far as the on-screen images. It is like playing Tetris in a picture in picture function of a TV while watching a nature documentary. But, that's truly a small bicker with the game. Come on, it's Tetris! The game has been successful for 20+ years for a reason, and this version continues that trend. It is a great game to play to pass the time.

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