Specific Ratings

Learning CurveC-
Replay ValueB-

Pros and Cons

  • The next level of FPS gaming
  • At worse this is a fun break from usual Shooters
  • Great use of Cover, and Gagets
  • You have limited control of AI
  • Way too many buttons, will need time!
  • Average AI
  • First time will play this as a FPS, use your team!
  • Suited for those who like this type of game
  • Slightly repeatitive
  • You might be tempted to leave this game unfinished

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas (PC)

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While no longer as shiny as Vegas 2, if you have a lower spec machine, like FPS and strategy then this is definetly worth a try!



This game and I didn’t get off on the right foot. I love Tom Clancy; however I just feel that he has way too many games. In fact while playing the beginning levels of this game, I felt I didn’t have one Sam Fisher, but a group of them. While that isn’t true as no one can be Sam Fisher, it does feel that all Tom Clancy’s games are descendant from the same stock.

Then there were the other annoying little gaming quirks. The aiming cursor does not glide across the screen, instead it jumps. Especially in the lower screen resolutions this can affect your aiming, and even more if the enemy is further away. While this is a minor point, it seems odd that a 2005 game would have this kind of targeting system. However in the higher screen resolutions it is not as noticeable.

Two button mouse controls, as this game works best with three mouse buttons. As many mice don’t have three buttons, like mine, they will have to assign the scope zoom to the keyboard (I used the “F” key).

The complex keyboard arrangement, required to move, throw grenades, issue orders, change weapons, reload, used specialized equipment and to call lassie to come home. However, I can’t point this out as a flaw, but it is a small issue, as with time this will all come naturally. But still requires you to over extend your hand when issuing orders, and at crucial moments in the game.

Lastly there is the checkpoint save system. This can be annoying but is designed to make you understand that life is precious. There is no saving just before you take down a group of bad guys. If you die then you will have to replay a large portion of the game again. Expect to die often; expect to be a pro at knowing where the bad guys are, and how to deal with them.

With this game this is where the moaning stops. Apart from these minor points this game is fantastic. Of course there are some small grumbles about other aspects, but to be honest these are small. Leeway can be given to these as they are either nit picking or debatable as to whether it is a bad thing or not.

I have heard some reviewers moaning that there is no pre-op planning. Fair enough, I suppose it would add to the realism. However games these days are about having fun. Some times I don’t want to have to sit through 6 hours of mission briefings; I am a gamer, not paid to be a soldier. Then on the other hand sometimes it would be nice to have some Intel on the level.

Then there is the health bar, or the fact that there is none. The screen gets darker and blurred as you get shot. I like this effect; it makes you panic and wonder. “I am being shot … er how dead am I? … crap I better move!”. Rather than having your health at 50% and saying “when I reach 20% then I’ll move!”

AI’s stupidity! Well it’s nice to have a game where AI’s are clever as humans. All too often we expect computer to be just that. But I could never fault programming for just that. However at times I have been able to walk through a mission and spot the foot of a target. One shot of a sniper rifle always amazes me, the bullets must be poisoned tipped or something.

And the other times when you shoot a bay guy and the bad guy next to him stands still. “Hey Johnny get up, don’t you know the Rainbow Six team are around! And you might want to take care of that, you’re bleeding everywhere!” But then again, how many games can fall under this category? There are many times in this game where you can watch the bad guys through a window. As long as you have the silencer and can see the bad guy, you can practically take out all of them before even entering a room.

This is a counter espionage game, where you take a team of three, including yourself, and dealing death to evil henchmen. While the game isn’t very hard, and the constant replay allows you to know where the bad guys are.

But it does have it moments in single player mode. Plus there are more moments of action and fun to have with the multiplayer aspect. However I’ve never played, just seen it, so obviously can’t make a comment about it.

With all these aspect you’d think I hate the game. But I don’t as its those rare moments that really make it. It’s the moments where you approach a room from two doors. Controlling your team members to stack against the door, marking the targets you want them to take out, and have them go at a command. You come in from the other side with your targets, executing it in a quick draw fashion and save all the hostages, finally riding off into the sunset. It’s those sweet little moment that make this game so enjoyable.

Plus with the release of Vegas 2, I’d thought I’d better dig this unfinished review out. Definitely a good game, and definitely worthy of a play, if you like strategy and action, even if it does lean more on the action side. Still it's a nice break from the usual shoot'em up games!


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