Pros and Cons

  • Thoughtful pacing
  • Beautiful backgrounds and character designs
  • Humorous
  • Thoughtful pacing
  • May be confusing if you aren't familiar with the UY universe

Urusei Yatsura: Movie 2: Beautiful Dreamer (DVD)

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Ponderous, beautiful, and worthy of your time. The best of the UY movies!



Plot Details: This opinion reveals no details about the movie's plot

"Beautiful Dreamer", the second Urusei Yatsura film, is one of the strangest, most beautiful films I've seen. Mamoru Oshii, the director of the first two "Patlabor" movies, outdoes himself in presenting a dream-like movie that alternately pokes fun at life and ponders its real meaning. Unless you've seen a significant portion of the TV series on which this movie is based, you may be confused by the story. Much of what happens relies on an understanding of previous events in the UY universe.

The story revolves around two people: Ataru Moroboshi, a lecherous young high school student who would love to get his hands on every girl on the planet; and Lum, a beautiful alien princess whose favorite attire is a tiger-striped bikini. After Ataru wins an intergalactic game of tag which saves the human race from extinction at the hands of the Oni, his cries of excitement at winning ("I can get married now!!") are mistaken by Lum as a marriage proposal. She quickly moves into Ataru's room, much to the chagrin of his parents and Shinobu, his erstwhile girlfriend. Insanity ensues. grin

This is the second movie in a series of five, and is considered by many fans to be the best of all of them. However, I don't want to give away anything that happens in the film, and a discussion of the film events would spoil the experience for you. Suffice it to say that if you enjoy thoughtful Japanese animation, or just thoughtful films in general, rent or buy this DVD. It is worth your time and money. smile

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