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Replay ValueA+
Learning CurveA

Pros and Cons

  • Lots of mini games
  • Fun new game genre
  • Tons of unlockable mini games
  • Dr. Mario remake (one of my favorite puzzle games)
  • Cheesy story

Wario Ware, Inc.: Mega Microgame$ (Game Boy Advance)

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Mega Micro Gaming at Its Best!



Story Line
One evening, Wario is up late watching his television. While watching a program, a special report plays on the new video game "Pyoro". Wario, seeing this special report, figures he could make a better video game than this and make a fortune doing so. The next morning Wario buys a laptop and starts working on making games, only to find out it's a lot harder than he had thought. Wario makes a bunch of calls and forms a new game company known as "Wario Ware Inc. and becomes head honcho of the company.

The gameplay is completely different from any other Wario/Mario games out there. The game focuses on micro games. Micro games are games that take anywhere from 5 to 10 seconds to complete. The goal is to complete a certain amount of micro games to advance to another person's micro games. The games are very simple to play in the beginning, but as you play on the mini games get harder, faster, and sometimes require a little thinking. Some mini games are completely random, where as others may parody other games or pop culture. There are nine different sets of mini games to play;

Wario Introduction: These games are simple and revolve around Wario performing multiple activities, from hopping over a car, to collecting coins in a Pac-Man related level. These levels are very simple and teach you how to play the game.
Jimmy: Jimmy's levels are sports related. They vary from chopping a piece of wood, catching a ball, returning a tennis ball, etc. His micro games are pretty simple, however are a little bit harder than Wario's.
Dribble & Spitz: Their micro games are themed around Sci-Fi. They vary from building a robot, shooting a dragon, flying a space ship, etc. These micro games can be a little challenging.
Mona: Mona's micro games are just strange. They vary from squirting contact solution into someone's eye, picking a nose, flying a paper plane, brushing teeth, etc. Her mini games are equally as difficult as Dribble & Spitz's games.
9-Volt: 9-Volt's micro games are all based on classic Nintendo games and consoles. These are my personal favorite. They vary from smashing a goomba SMB style, jumping over a barrel in Donkey Kong, killing a virus in Dr. Mario, etc. These micro games I found to be easiest, however, that could be due to me enjoying them the most.
Kat & Ana: Their micro games revolve around nature. They vary from smashing a gopher, planting flowers, catching mice, etc. These ones I also found to be simple.
Dr Crygor: His micro games revolve around reality. His micro games vary from peeling a banana, petting a cat, shaking a dogs hand, etc. These micro games are a little more challenging then Monas.
Orbulon: His micro games are all based on IQ. These require a lot more thinking and can be pretty challenging. They vary from picking a tube to lead to a path, math problems, spotting the odd ball out, etc.
Wario Ending: His micro games are more challenging then his last and are all related to him. They vary from squeezing an apple, rock paper scissors with Mario, shaking a tree, etc.

In addition to the micro games, there is also a ton of other games that can be unlocked by achieving a certain score in a certain category of micro games.

Dr. Wario: A remake of Dr. Mario
Fly Swatter: A remake of the Mario Paint Mini Game.
Jump Forever: A game of jump rope where you must try to stay jumping.
SkateBoarding: Skate around as 9-Volt dodging walls and blocks by ducking and jumping.
PaperPlane: Guide a paper plane blocking walls by making sharp turns.
Sheriff: Remake of the arcade classic
Pyoro: Eat seeds to avoid them falling to the ground busting it up.
Pyro 2: Harder version of Pyoro.

There are more games to unlock as well.

The graphics in this game are pretty good for a GameBoy Advance game. Some graphics, such as Super Mario Bros. sprites, are reused, but that is alright due to the fact that they are trying to recreate some classic NES games. The majority of the graphics in this game are completely new and look great - full of detail and shading. I'd have to say the graphics are some of the best graphics in a GameBoy Advance game.

The music in this game is also very good. The music is catchy and cartoony, as it should be. The music in the micro games match the micro game very well. There is also some actual song sung by real people. Granted it's Japanese pop, but it still sounds very good.

Wario Ware Inc. is one of the most fun GameBoy Advance games out there. There is a lot to do in this game, and it will keep you entertained for hours upon hours a day. With a ton of fun micro games, and a ton of unlockable mini games, you will get a lot of hours out of this game. I highly recommend it to anyone still playing a GameBoy Advance. Haha cool smile

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