Pros and Cons

  • No cord to worry about when you're on the couch
  • Sleek design and a precise touch
  • Battery life is excellent
  • Excellent distance gives it an extra edge
  • No rumble motor like the normal controller
  • Batteries cost money even if they do last forever
  • Small size might be an issue for some people

WaveBird (GameCube)

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The greatest controller that has ever lived.



The GameCube's wireless WaveBird controller is probably the best controller I've ever had the honor of playing a game with. Its convenience easily outweighs any of the cons, but the lack of a rumble motor is a bit of a nuisance. Even without the rumble feature, this controller surpasses the normal GameCube first party controller, just by the fact that it is wireless, thus giving you the freedom you're really looking for while playing a game. Instead of hunching up around the television to play, you can now lounge wherever you choose in the room, making gaming that much more enjoyable.

The signal from the wireless receiver that is included with the controller is extremely strong and clear, and the WaveBird's signal even goes through walls! I've always been a fan of the GameCube controller, and even more so with the WaveBird. It has all the original features of the stock GameCube pad, such as pressure sensitive triggers, and the excellent button layout, which are all in the same place on the WaveBird, to many people's relief.

Honestly, the only gripe I've got about this controller is that I find it uncomfortably small for my hands, and it's very evident when I'm clutching it and my fingers are touching while each is on the trigger buttons. This probably won't be a problem for some people if their hands are a little bit on the smaller side. Other than the size and the absence of a rumble feature, this controller is perfect. Do yourself a favor, and pick one up. You won't regret it.

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