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Learning CurveB-
Replay ValueA

Pros and Cons

  • Updated rosters
  • Manual fielding
  • Game tells you what pitch was thrown
  • Good franchise mode
  • Slow diving
  • Curveballs seem too slow
  • Only 10 minor leaguers per team

World Series Baseball 2K2 (Dreamcast)

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Not quite a homerun, but it's good enough.


I wrote this review on August 17, 2001 at GameFAQs, but I figure I'll post it here now since the game has no reviews right now. Keep in mind when I posted it, and that the most advanced system back then was the Dreamcast.

I myself am one of the biggest baseball fans in my town, not to mention a video game freak, so it was very likely for me to get World Series Baseball 2k2 on its release date. I've played a few exhibition games and even started my own season with the Yanks, and here's what I've got to say:

When I started my first game with WSB2k2, the first thing I noticed were the updated rosters. Ted Lilly on the Yanks! Knoblauch starting in left field! Oh the glory...ok, so maybe it's not that great, but if you're as crazy about baseball as me, it really is a big deal.

The game definitely takes a while to get used to, especially after playing WSB2k1. For one thing, the batting is completely different. When you bat, you must choose whether you want to hit a power hit or a normal hit BEFORE the pitcher pitches the ball, which makes no sense to me at all. Normally, I would change my type of hit depending on if the pitcher is pitching a slow changeup down the middle of the plate, or a fast slider. You now hit by pressing just the A button instead of holding down the trigger. To be honest, I kinda liked the trigger holding in WSB2k1, but whatever.

Pitching is better now that it actually tells you which pitch is what. Unfortunately, the 60 mph curveballs seem more like 10 mph, which results in, of course, doubles, triples, and even homeruns.

Fielding is great now that it allows you to manually control your fielders, but it seems kinda tough doing it. For example, there have been nearly five times that I've accidentally hit the A button and the outfielder dove for the ball and missed, and the runner got a triple. I thinking diving is fun in baseball games and it's really cool when you catch a ball when diving, but in WSB2k2, diving is just TOO SLOW. You gotta press the A button way too early to make the outfielder dive. Maybe I just gotta get used to it, but so far I really don't like it.

The Franchise mode and statistics are sweet. My only complaint is that they only have 10 minor leaguers to choose from. However they include two Yankee starting pitchers, Choate and Keisler, which is cool.

What else is there? No Shane Spencer, which sucks.

Overall, I'll give this game an 8 because it definitely satisfies my dire need to have a decent baseball game on the DC, but it still suffers from some problems. And for 40 bucks, why not?

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