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AKgames BTRs19-Oct-2002
Status: active
Aliases: AKgames
Email: akgames@cheatcc.com
Address: 318 Zimmerman St, Apt 8, North Tonawanda NY 14120
Reporter: Xena

Shortly after I first joined GameTZ I made an agreement with Andrew to trade my Metal Gear Solid for PlayStation for his complete Dungeons & Dragons for Genesis. Since he had more trades than me I sent mine off first. Later that week he spoke to me in the chat room and said he couldn't find the game and that he'd ask if his cousin had it. I decided to give him a little more time to look for it. The next week he said he still couldn't find it and offered me another game in place of it. I asked if it would be okay to trade that to someone who had the game I wanted that wanted the game he was to send, he said sure. Weeks went by and no game, I E-mailed him asking what was taking so long and he said the package got sent back to him supposedly because of my address, so I sent my home address and still I received no package. I've E-mailed him repeatedly and have gotten no response, now his account is inactive and I got screwed. I advise everyone that if you see the name Andrew Korsir and he's using a different user name, don't deal with him unless he sends first.

AKgames BTRs19-Apr-2002
Status: active
Aliases: AKgames
Email: akgames@cheatcc.com
Address: 318 Zimmerman St . Apt#8, North Tonawanda NY 14120
Reporter: John_De

April 6 2002: We posted a pending trade. I was getting a Sega CD system with six games. Andrew was getting two Game Cube games (Rouge Leader & Luigi's Mansion).

April 7 2002: I sent off my side of the deal. We had agreed the day before that we would BOTH send at the same time.

April 8 2002: I believed everything was going well until I received an email from gametz stating that our "pending trade" was deleted. I emailed Andrew and he claimed that he thought our deal was never confirmed. He apologized for the misunderstanding and promised to send off the next day. We reposted our trade as pending.

April 13 2002: I caught up with Andrew (AKgames) in the gametz chatroom. He claimed that he had gotten the Game Cube games and had finally sent off the Sega CD package that day (April 13th). He claimed that he was short on money and couldn't afford the shipping and handling charges (I know 5 bucks is hard to come by). He apologized and promised that he would make the deal up to me buy including some extra stuff in the package. I told Andrew if I hadnt received my side of the deal by Thrusday (Apr. 18) that I was going to file a BTR on him. He promised I would have my side of the deal by then and that he had nothing to worry about. He also told me that he had a tracking number with the package that he sent me and that he would email me it later that night... he never did.

April 18 2002- Well I STILL DO NOT HAVE MY SIDE OF OUR AGREEMENT. I had sent Andrew several emails but he hasnt responded. I am assuming he is either retarded or a child because his spelling is horrid. I also noticed that he has some pending deals with other people from over a month ago.

I would advise staying away from this bastard. Even if I do get my side of the deal I wouldnt trade with him again. I will remove this BTR if once I obtain my game cube games back or my sega cd package.

John Dietiker


Interests: XBOX,Resident Evil,Saturn,DVD,RTS,
Likes: HeadHunter for DC (the greatest game ever made)Resident Evil,Volkswagen
Dislikes: Gamecube (still think its a kiddie system) Ebay ,Cigarets,Vodkas, and drugs!

Quote: "hello @ss Hunter" Ramirez - HeadHunter

Most Wanted XBOX GAMES !
ToeJam & Earl III
Brute Force
Project Ego
Elder Scrolls III Morrovind
Conflict Desert Storm
Fifa 2002
9 Worlds
Battlefield 1942
Blood Rayne
Bruce Lee Quest of the Dragon
Ghost Recon
Panzer Dragon
Metal Gear Solid X
The Matrix
Hunter The Reckoning
Gun Metal
Dino Crisis 3
Duke Nukem Forevor
Heaven & Hell

My most wanted DVD's or VHS movies !
Final Fantasy The Spirits Within
Princess Mononoke
Vampire Hunter D
Brotherhood of the Wolf
Kiss of the Dragon
The One
Ghosts of Mars
Romeo Must Die
Black Hawk Down
Rush Hour 2
Lord of the Rings
The Matrix
Mortal Kombat
Kung Pow
15 Minutes
LEON the Profecional - want it bad
The Last of the Mohicans - want it bad !
Terminator 2

Also im looking to get these imports for my dreamcast:
Biohazard 2 & 3
Biohazard Code Veronica Perfect
Cosmic Smash
Culdcept 2
Vermilion Desert
Eve Zero
Ferrari F355
Nobunaga No Yabo Reppuden
Power Jet Racing
The Ring

10 Greatest Games that i have played in my life:
1)HEADHUNTER (dreamcast)believe me this is one of the greatest !
2)Resident Evil Code Veronica (dreamcast)
3)Shenmue 2 (dreamcast)
4)Metal Gear Solid 2 (PS2)
5)Metal Gear Solid (PSX)
6)Medal of Honor Alied Assault (PC)
7)Shenmue (dreamcast)
8)Max Payne (PC) SLo Motion Rocks !!!!
9)Sword of the Berserk Guts Rage (dreamcast) the best hack n slash
10)Operation Flashpoint (PC) ohh man real WAR

10 Movies that i think are the best:
1)Brotherhood of the Wolf -man this movie rocks
2)The Matrix
3)Lord of the Rings
5)Kiss of the Dragon
6)Princes Mononoke
8)The Profecional
9)Terminator 2
10)Mortal Kombat - back in the days this movie rocked !

Hi im new to this trading thing, im opened to all trades just e-mail me and stuff that you will offer or whatever youd like to buy from me . IF you have more trades than me ill send first if you have less than me you send first or if we have same trades we send same time . Thanks for looking smile