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Hi, back again after a long haitus, life is stable, job is stable, and finally got dsl and a decent comp so send me message if your interested in trading.

Im mostly only looking to trade, though I do buy or sell stuff on some occasions. However most of my stuff is up for trade.

I am mostly interested in COMPLETE games for just about any system. There are a few games I have listed where they don't have to be complete, they just have to have the box or instrucions. I do buy stuff occasionally, though I am NOT interested at all in buying or trading for loose games unless I specifically state in my list what cart I need.

I'm looking for various complete games for the TurboDuo, TG-16, TG-CD, Saturn, Playstation, PS2, N64, Gamecube, Xbox, Genesis, Sega CD, Super Nintendo, Sega Master System, Nintendo, Virtual Boy, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, and Commodore 64. My list of Wanted Games is only a fraction of what I'm looking for. You can offer me any game even if its not on my wanted list. Don't bother offering sports or flight sim games. Those 2 genres I don't really care for.

Concerning Music CDs, I will trade for either Alternative Music or Videogame Music Soundtracks

For movies, I am interested in mostly only DVDs, no VHS. Unless there really old movies that I'm looking for on my wanted list that have a slim to none chance of being ever brought to dvd. Theres too many movies to list what I like, so I am open to offers. I also am interested in anime dvds as well.

I would like to state that if we trade or I buy something from you, I expect you to be honest about the condition of your game/item. The condition of a game/item is VERY IMPORTANT to me. I am totally honest about the condition of my games and expect the same in return. If I recieve a game not in the condition it was suppose to be, I will send it back to you and expect my item or money to be sent back to me as well.

If not and you ignore me and rip me off, not only will I file a bad trader report on you, I will also file for "mail fraud" on you and they will be after you. They being the government, police, or whatever. You will be in very deep trouble regardless.

So don't lie, ok

1. Phantasy Star Instruction Booklet
2. Dragon Warrior 2 Unveiled Secrets Booklet Guide
3. Dragon Warrior 3 Box
4. Chrono Trigger game cart with Box
5. Any Dragon Warrior official strategy guides


1. If I have more trades than you, you send first.

2. If your buying from me, you send first.

3. If you have have the same amount of trades or more, I can send out at the same time you send out. trades only, if buying see rule #2

4. If you have a bad trader report, you send first regardless.

5. If I had traded with you before, I can send at the same time that you send, regardless of the number of trades.

6. Due to being ripped off one too many times. I will make NO exception of sending first EVER or at the same time if you have NO trades at GameTZ. I don't care how many references you have whether it be Ebay or whatever. I'm tired of people lying bout the condition of their games/items or not sending their games/items. I simply will not take that risk.

7. I will make exceptions of sending at the same time if you are a trader at gametz and have a silver or gold star rating. Rarely will I ever make the exception of sending first or at the same time if you have a bronze star or less. trades only, if buying see rule #2


I can only send stuff out Monday through Friday. I usually ship the same day or the next day once I recieved the package. I also ship my stuff by Priority Mail with Confirmation in the states. I use Global Priority when trading outside the states. However, some countries won't accept Global Priority, when that happens, I can only send by Air Mail.


Just because I choose to ship by priority I never require it for the other trader. You can ship however you like either by Media Mail, First Class, or whatever. I won't lower speed rating if you choose a more affordable shipping rate.

If we trade, I only have a few requests for shipping. I now require that you add "DELIVERY CONFIRMATION" which is only like 50 cents. It helps greatly on tracking the package and provides proof of delivery. For traders overseas, there is usually no tracking availible, so that request doesn't apply to you.

My last request is that you please package the game/item well, so nothing breaks or is loose. There are packing foam peanuts, bubble wrap, or newspaper that greatly helps in securing an item.


I do everything I can to insure that the package is packed well and shiped by priority mail for fast shipping plus I add confirmation to it so it can be tracked. Now, priority mail does claim to take 3-4 days, it is not my fault if they take longer than that. I DO NOT WORK FOR THE POST OFFICE NOR DO I HAVE ANY CONTROL OF WHAT HAPPENS TO IT AFTER I GIVE THE PACKAGE TO THE POST OFFICE EMPLOYEE. I will not ship Express Mail, I can barely afford priority mail as it is.

In the EXTREMELY rare incident of this occuring, the most I can do is go to my post office and try to find out what has happened to the package. I will also agree to ship your package back if so requested.
DO NOT THREATEN ME, I DO NOT LIKE THREATS and I will deal with accordingly. It is not my fault for the incompentance of the post office.

If you cannot comprehend all this and give me a bad trader report anyway, I will do the same to you along with a very low rating.

I am an honest trader/seller, you can ask ANYONE how ive traded with. You can also check my ratings, where I'm rated by the traders. I have a very excellent record here. I do everything I can to make sure the trade goes well.

If you have a problem with any of this it would be best not to trade, I try very hard to avoid bad incidents happening and do not wish to have to deal with more stress.

(sorry about the long rant sounding a bit harsh, though I had to list it up because I dont need another incident of that happening where someone could not comprehend the whole workings of the post office and that its not perfect, delays happen. This incident happened long ago and ill only leave it at that.)


Atolm_Dragon - this trade is actually complete. Unfortunatly he never completed the trade because he was in the process of moving.


Star War figures!! Looking to clear most of them out. No room anymore and got tired of rebuying over and over.

1 star = low value
2 stars = low-medium value
3 stars = medium value
4 stars = high value
5 stars = very high value

Power99 (Paul Archambault) - never got FF8 map that I paid for.
supraspeed (Ryan Gibson) - he had lowered my courtesy rating because he didnt recieve his games the next day after the trade pended. Had I known he wanted priority next day express service, I would have never traded with him.

junglehunter - decided a month or so after the trade pended to cancel because he had gotten most of the games out of other trades.

gbone - a trade was going to be in the process for my snes battletoads game for his terminator dvd and hack demo. We went over the trade with over 5 emails and I even sent him a pic of the game showing it was complete with everything. I held the game for him till he supposedly said he pend the trade when he got money to ship. Almost a month later not only did he bother not to tell me he changed his mind, he had the nerve to ask for more in the trade. What is up with that??!! How ironic how his "Dislikes" are bad traders and dishonesty. Gee, he must really hate himself =P

Here is my movie collection. Not for sale/trade though.