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[20:28:07] * BuzzMcTroit rapes a chicken
[20:28:08] <Bruce_34> encore?

[11:51:49] <sinnie> birds like trees

[19:12:45] ** theraweness has joined #general
[19:12:53] <BoB> rawness
[19:13:01] <BoB> bewbs or gtfo
[19:13:04] <theraweness> BOb
[19:13:16] * BoB waits
[19:13:19] <BuzzMcTroit> ya raweness, bewbs or gtfo
[19:13:37] <BoB> sigh
[19:13:38] <theraweness> aww man
[19:13:40] * * theraweness has left #general ( idle for 2secs )

[09:03:24] <BuzzMcTroit> damn... I need to get up
[09:03:27] <RagingShadow> lol
[09:03:36] <BuzzMcTroit> forza isn't in my 360
[09:03:40] <BuzzMcTroit> its burnout
[09:03:47] <RagingShadow> Why? You gonna play Forza?
[09:04:11] <BuzzMcTroit> no, I'm just gnna put it in my 360 and let it sit there
[09:05:26] <RagingShadow> why?
[09:06:10] <BuzzMcTroit> dammit RagingShadow, of course I'm gonna play it... why the hell else would I put it in my 360?
[09:06:35] <RagingShadow> My apologies for being a stupid as crap dumbass jerk
[09:06:35] <BuzzMcTroit> lol
[09:06:45] <BuzzMcTroit> apology accepted
[09:06:49] <RagingShadow> ty

[18:37:53] * RagingShadow makes a paper shuriken and throws it at Buzz
[18:38:13] * BuzzMcTroit gets hit by a paper shuriken...
[18:38:17] <BuzzMcTroit> wow RagingShadow...
[18:38:36] * BuzzMcTroit throws a real shuriken and hits RagingShadow in the face
[18:38:43] <RagingShadow> Holy crap

[02:27] * RagingShadow gives Buzz a hug
[02:28] * BuzzMcTroit counters Raging's hug and throws him over his shoulder
[02:28] * RagingShadow does a matrix flip and lands on his feet unharmed
[02:28] * RagingShadow rushes at the unsuspecting Buzz
[02:28] <BuzzMcTroit> Raging, you landed in quicksand
[02:29] * RagingShadow stops, drops, and rolls
[02:29] <BuzzMcTroit> that's fire
[02:29] <BuzzMcTroit> now you're dead

[08:35:46] <OldSchoolGamer> turkey sucks too
[08:36:45] <OldSchoolGamer> I just hate the taste of it
[08:37:03] <BuzzMcTroit> OSG, you know who else doesn't like turkey?
[08:37:16] <BuzzMcTroit> Communists
[08:37:27] <BuzzMcTroit> OSG... are you a communist?
[08:37:40] <OldSchoolGamer> a communist

[09:15] * RagingShadow gives Buzz another hug
[09:15] * BuzzMcTroit counters Raging's hug and throws him over his shoulder
[09:16] * RagingShadow plants a proximity mine on Buz before he got thrown
[09:16] * BuzzMcTroit disarms the mine
[09:16] <RagingShadow> You fool, it's un-disarme-able
[09:17] * BuzzMcTroit shoots it while its flying in the at Raging
[09:17] * BuzzMcTroit has an un-disarmable mine disarmer
[09:17] * RagingShadow kicks the mine away
[09:17] <BuzzMcTroit> Raging... you just kicked a proximity mine... when they get kicked they explode
[09:18] <BuzzMcTroit> you just blew up and you're dead again.. nice

[18:48:53] <Drico420> belladonna we can meet up and do nasty things
[18:48:55] <Drico420> in the maine woods
[18:49:16] <Drico420> with sticks and stones and all kinds of tinhgs

[09:24:01] * BuzzMcTroit puts his swords around his waist, pulls out his samurai sword and charges at Raging
[09:24:18] * BuzzMcTroit does a frontflip and slices at Raging
[09:24:24] * RagingShadow pulls out Shadowrend and charges
[09:24:27] * RagingShadow dodges
[09:24:42] * RagingShadow flips over Buzz and does a roundhouse kick
[09:24:43] * BuzzMcTroit regains his footing and prepares for Raging to strike
[09:24:56] * BuzzMcTroit slices his sword at Raging's foot
[09:25:05] * RagingShadow bleeds
[09:25:34] * BuzzMcTroit pulls out a nuke, throws it at Raging, then plants a bubble shield around himself
[09:25:41] * RagingShadow casts chatlag on Buzz
[09:25:54] * BuzzMcTroit blocks it with pwnage
[09:25:59] * RagingShadow is pwned

[09:27:20] * RagingShadow uses infinite trip mines
[09:27:22] <BuzzMcTroit> dammit!!!
[09:27:28] <BuzzMcTroit> your chat lag had a delay on it
[09:27:39] * RagingShadow sees that the chatlag spel he cast is taking its toll
[09:27:45] * BuzzMcTroit stays in the one spot where there are no trip mines
[09:28:04] * BuzzMcTroit jumps up really high and lands next to Raging, kicking him onto the trip mines
[09:28:07] * RagingShadow places a bubble shield
[09:28:31] * RagingShadow then jumps jusy high enough to get out of the way of the shield, throws a grenade, and lands back in the bubble shield
[09:28:35] * RagingShadow BOOM
[09:29:03] * BuzzMcTroit runs into Raging's bubble shield, sticks him, and runs out
[09:29:29] * RagingShadow essplosions