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Dislikes: Stupid people, and people that turn into big babies over stupid stuff


Rest In Peace Jane Marie Purcell

Hey everyone! Been gone for a long, long time. But I'm back now trying to get some trades going soon so once I get all my listings updated I'll be ready!

Love you always and forever Grandma


Hey i'm Chris and i'm up to almost any offer. I may decline an offer but hey you never know what i might be interested in so just send me an offer. Hey what have you got to lose?

warningOk well didn't think i'd do this part but guess i might aswell.warning
My rules
1. Whoever has more trades sends first, i have no problem sending first to higher traders, you guys have earned that right smile
2. Please be honest about the condition of your games, i've had a few people that weren't and i was very displeased. This is kind of a big part, i try to be very accurate in my conditions.
3. If we agree to send same day. Be sure to stick to that agreement, if you can't send a certain day then let me know and we'll work out a day where we can both send
4. I would only like people to send with DC, with either priority or Firstclass. I don't prefer either or, First class is fine with me that's how i ship. It's fast and inexpensive. DO NOT ship via UPS or FedEx if you agree to send this way i will not accept the offer, sorry but it's just too slow, and you're wasting your money.
5. If you decline my offer atleast have the decency to give me a reason why u decline. I find it to be extremely rude to not do so.
6. Pretty much just follow the rest of gtz's site rules, be courteous and don't offer to send any illegal material and we'll be good to go smile

My ratings. (yes i'm doing one)

Available games

1- Dont care for this game at all will give it up easily
2- Like this game but have played it out and no longer interests me
3- Game that i still like and play quite often but would part with for the right offer
4- I'm in love with this game and u'd have to pry it from my cold dead fingers, or offer quite alot.

I pretty much really want every game on my list. So again just send me an offer

1. Kinda want this game but not really, won't give much for it
2. Not high priority but wouldn't mind having it
3. Very interested in this game but it's not extremely high
4. HIGH PRIORITY, want these games asap if possible


Bronze Star- 12/14/06
Silver Star- 3/12/07
Gold Star- 11/1/07
Double Gold Star- on the way!

yesGOOD TRADERS I'VE ENCOUNTERED!!!!- highly recommendedyes

cool smileEscape_to_the_void Gold Star (2 trades)
cool smileNix
cool smileProsetheticMind Triple Gold Star
cool smileDrummer1400 Gold Star
cool smileDreamSymphony Quintuple Gold Star
cool smileHarris Silver Star
cool smilemacman16 Gold Star ( 2 trades)
cool smileAlphakira Quadruple Gold Star (2 trades)
cool smilePneumatic Gold Star
cool smileProdigy7798
cool smileSun Quintuple Gold Star
cool smileLostcrow47
cool smileBassgrabber Gold Star
cool smileSANGRE Quadruple Gold Star
cool smileMajorGimp Quintuple Gold Star
cool smileMightySlacker Quadruple Gold Star
cool smileWippy_J Gold Star
cool smileToolus
cool smileBruce_34 Gold Star
cool smileSparticus391Gold Star
cool smileRedlv8Bronze Star
cool smileWilson
cool smileCcurcillo Quintuple Gold Star
cool smileCae15 Bronze Star (2 trades)
cool smileRpgfan Gold Star
cool smileThejmoney2
cool smileMobtek Quintuple Gold Star
cool smilePugmagician Triple Gold Star
cool smileMarsKitten
cool smileEddieD Gold Star
cool smileMr_Huh Silver Star
cool smileKianta Quadruple Gold Star (3 trades)
cool smileHighFiveYEAH Silver Star
cool smileOrganization_XIII Silver Star
cool smileSeverian Quintuple Gold Star
cool smileRainMon Quintuple Gold Star
cool smileStarwave27 Quintuple Gold Star
cool smileFunkybuttlovin Bronze Star
cool smileHorrorBuisness Bronze Star
cool smileBwild22 Quadruple Gold Star (2 trades)
cool smileHelen Quadruple Gold Star
cool smileNightmare319 Double Gold Star
cool smileBuzzMcTroit Bronze Star
cool smileCount_Floyd Triple Gold Star
cool smileRockfnBttm Gold Star
cool smileHack1121 Silver Star
cool smileKnucklez Bronze Star
cool smileY2k Quintuple Gold Star
cool smileAceMatt Gold Star
cool smileMotorcitymauler Silver Star
cool smileForgotten_Freshness Quintuple Gold Star
cool smileLobsterbush Triple Gold Star
cool smilePapamurphy
cool smileZForce915 Silver Star
cool smileACC32 Bronze Star
cool smileNoltillian Silver Star
cool smileBahamuta666 Double Gold Star
cool smileGuncrazy90 Gold Star
cool smileSANGRE Quintuple Gold Star
cool smileDisc_07 Gold Star
cool smileDrunkPollock
cool smileGregJr
cool smileNickydub
cool smileCarzyCole
cool smileBamafan954
cool smileSyne49 Bronze Star
cool smileFester814 Gold Star
cool smileOneEyeGhostRida Bronze Star
cool smilerhymenoceros
cool smileNecrodaemon Silver Star
cool smileCaliburn Triple Gold Star
cool smileDalton_The_Sim
cool smilethelazyone22 Gold Star
cool smileTheGamingGuy Silver Star
cool smileLady_Ghaleon Triple Gold Star
cool smileBoB Quintuple Gold Star
cool smileKingofGames Quintuple Gold Star
cool smileultima_gamer

checkOk Traders I've Encountered- ok to trade withcheck

poker faceMrmail2000
poker facetomcruise Silver Star
poker faceEbaydot
poker faceEnfilade Silver Star
poker faceCodfish
poker faceCygnusTM Silver Star
poker faceGarciaDaCF457 a.k.a MaxxPlaya- borderline bad but he did send so he's ok
poker faceToxl222
poker faceBlacklabel Bronze Star
poker faceGameCove Silver Star
poker faceHike20

noBADDDD TRADERS!!!- never trade with theseno

frownAllstar20999- Was very rude and discourteous Bronze Star
frownSniper_Wolf- Lied about the condition of the game he sent Bronze Star
frownHsc710- Never traded with him, but made him an offer and he was very rude and discourteous Bronze Star
frownSEGAFan_3000DC- the biggest whiner i've ever encountered, very slow shipper, and lied about condition of his game.
frownDevil_Trigger- Another bad trader i've come across, this guy takes the cake. Don't believe me check his page. Not recommended whatsoever.
frownHardsteppah - Meh just a bad trader in my opinion, he's new to the site and seems to be unwilling to work out deals with people. I'd be very cautious when dealing with this trader
frownlegendkillereric- another one of the ignorant traders on this site that make offers and then accept and cancel on the day they are suppose to send. Stay away from this guy at all costs

!States I've Traded With!

California (7 traders)
Florida (2 traders)
Illinois (4 traders)
Maryland (3 traders)
Massachusetts ( 3 traders)
Michigan (7 traders)
Missouri (2 traders)
New Jersey
New York (3 traders)
North Carolina (2 traders)
Ohio (3 traders)
Oklahoma (2 traders)
Pennsylvania (3 traders)
South Carolina
South Dakota
Utah (2 traders)
Wisconsin (2 traders)


Saliva - Rest In Pieces